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the north face jackets kids Auburn University Entomology and Plant Pathology

Caterpillars are larvae (the forms) of insects in the order Lepidopterathe butterflies, skippers, and moths. In number of species known, Lepidoptera is the second largest of all insect orders. Consequently, caterpillars are numerous; more than 11,000 species occur in North America, with over 5,000 species in the eastern United States alone. Most caterpillars are plant feeders. They occur on a wide variety of plants, and many are serious pests. Caterpillars are among the most common of all insect forms found on foliage of forest, shade, and ornamental trees.

The typical caterpillar has a distinct head and a cylindrical body composed of thirteen segments. The anterior three body segments constitute the thorax, and each thoracic segment bears a pair of jointed legs. The remaining ten segments make up the abdomen. Typically, abdominal segments three, four, five, six, and ten each bears a pair of unjointed, fleshy projections called prolegs. In some caterpillar groups, however, prolegs may be absent (slug caterpillars) or occur only on segments five, six, and ten or six and ten (loopers). Prolegs are equipped with rows or circles of small hooks called crochets which aid caterpillars in crawling and clinging to surfaces.

Caterpillars come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Some species are bare, others sparsely to densely clothed with fine setae (hairs); some are drab, others brightly multicolored; some have smooth bodies, others bear one to many tubercles, bristles, spines, and/or horn like projections. Within the group are found some of the largest and most striking representatives of our native insects. Also, within the group are found CATERPILLARS THAT caterpillars do not sting in the familiar manner of bees, yellowjackets, hornets, and wasps (Order Hymenoptera). In the bee wasp group, females (only females sting) are equipped with venom glands and stingers (modified ovipositors) with which they penetrate skin and introduce venom. Among the lepidopterans, neither the adult nor the caterpillar possesses this type of sting apparatus. Instead, stinging caterpillars bear specialized nettling or urticaceous setae or spines. These structures are hollow and contain toxins from poison gland cells to which they are joined. These are primarily defensive structures for protection of caterpillars from predators and other enemies. The sting inflicted on humans is not from a deliberate attack by the caterpillar, but the result of contact, usually inadvertent, with toxin bearing setae or spines. When brushed against, these structures break away, releasing toxins. In some cases, broken setae may penetrate the skin; in others, toxins spill out to spread on the surface of the skin.

Reactions to contact vary and include: slight to intense nettling, stinging, itching, or burning sensations; development of dermatitis, rash, lesions, or pustules; inflammation, swelling, and numbness at or around the area of contact; fever and nausea; and, in some cases, intense pain. The type of reaction depends on the species of caterpillar, degree of contact, type of toxin, and susceptibility of the individual. Reactions may be especially severe for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin.

The irritation usually results from direct contact with a live caterpillar. However, in some species, urticating setae may retain nettling capabilities for some time after death of the caterpillar. Molted skins and silk cocoons bearing toxic hairs from last stage larvae may also cause nettling if handled. Nettling caused by contact with dead caterpillars, cast skins, and cocoons is generally milder than that produced by live caterpillars.

Many species of caterpillars are variously armed or clothed with setae and spines; however, only a relative few actually possess venomous or urticating structures. Thus, there are and harmless and distinguishing one from the other solely on appearance is difficult. Determining which is which by personal bio assay is foolproof but could be foolhardy and painful.

During years of study of tree insects at the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, several species of urticating caterpillars have been encountered and identified. Represented are nine families that contain one or more species known, or reported, to be urticaceous or otherwise capable of causing irritating reactions on contact with human skin. The following is offered as a guide to recognition of stinging caterpillars found on Alabama trees. The head is hidden within the thorax; thoracic legs are reduced; and prolegs are modified to sucker like lobes without crochets. Movement is slow, gliding, slug like. Most species tend to be solitary feeders, and seldom occur in sufficient abundance to cause serious loss of tree foliage. Several species of slug caterpillars possess urticating setae or spines. Its conspicuous form and markings make it nearly unmistakable, even in the early stages of development. The full grown caterpillar is about 1 inch long. The anterior and posterior areas of the body are dark brown with prominent brown that bear numerous spines. The middle of the body is green. The green area has a white or cream margin and a large oval to oblong dark brown spot in the center, also with white margin. The appearance is that of a saddle and blanket, thus the common name. Small clumps of spines occur in a row along the lower margin of the green area and at the rear of the caterpillar.

The saddleback is generally a solitary feeder; however, early stage larvae may be somewhat gregarious. The caterpillar occurs on a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and other plants, including corn. Common tree hosts are apple, basswood, cherry, dogwood, elm, maple, oak, and plum. It is most often encountered in late summer and fall. The full grown caterpillar is brown, hairy, and about5/8inch long. Along the body there are nine pairs of fleshy lateral processes which bear hidden urticating setae. The third, fifth, and seventh pairs of processes are long and sometimes twisted. These have been described as resembling locks of a hag apparently the basis for the common name.

The caterpillar is generally a solitary feeder, and will feed on foliage of several trees including apple, ash, birch, dogwood, hickory, oak, and willow. It has been collected from July into fall, but is usually most common in August and September. The body bears pairs of long, horn like, bristly spines and clumps of smaller spines which are characteristic of several of the slug caterpillars. A useful identifying characteristic is the broad purplish band down the midline of the back. Within the band are narrow whitish longitudinal lines, which may be interrupted by constrictions in the band. Reddish, white, and purple lines occur along the sides.

Hosts of the stinging rose caterpillar include apple, cottonwood, dogwood, hickory, oak, redbud, sycamore and rose bushes. Larvae are usually found in August. Specimens have been collected in Lee County from cottonwood and oak at the end of August.

SpinyOak Slug (Euclea delphinii) (Photo 4)

The full grown larva is about3/4inch long. Basic color is yellow green but color, especially of the pattern on the back, may vary. There are three pairs of large horn like spines with black tipped bristles at the front and two pairs at the rear. Clumps of smaller spines occur in rows along the back and sides. There are four dense clumps of small dark spines at the rear end; these are important characteristics for identifying the species.

The caterpillar feeds on foliage of several woody plants including beech, cherry, maple, oak, redbud, sycamore, and willow. It is usually found in late summer and fall. The specimen pictured here was collected from redbud in late September.

This species has no known common name. Information available on its habits is limited and makes no reference to whether or not the species has stinging capabilities. However, being a slug caterpillar well equipped with bristled spines, it seems suspect.

on experience has now confirmed that I. textula is a LLH.

The full grown caterpillar is flattened and about5/8inch long. Color and markings are as pictured. Tree hosts include cherry, maple, and oak. The species is not common in our area. The specimen pictured was collected in Lee County from sawtooth oak in mid September.

Nason (Natada nasoni)1(Photo 6)

The form of Nason slug differs from that of the foregoing slugs in that there are no large, conspicuous, horn like bristled spines present. There are, however, rows or tufts of small spines, some of which are urticating, along the back and sides. The nettling sensation produced is mild and short lived.

The full grown caterpillar is3/4to7/8inch long. Basic color is green; markings are as pictured. Food trees include beech, hickory, hornbeam, oak, and several other trees and shrubs. This caterpillar is not common in our area. The specimen pictured here was collected in Lee County from sawtooth oak in early October.
the north face outlet Auburn University Entomology and Plant Pathology

the north face sangro DCF Face Off Over Parental Rights


Kirsten Fauquet and John Stratzman of Groton walk into juvenile court in Waterford on Thursday. They are now in the middle of a trial pitting them against DCF, which says Fauquet’s children should not be returned to her.

Kirsten Fauquet and John Stratzman of Groton walk into juvenile court in Waterford on Thursday. They are now in the middle of a trial pitting them against DCF, which says Fauquet’s children should not be returned to her. (LAUREN SCHNEIDERMAN Hartford Courant)

In an unadorned courtroom here, an extraordinary trial has pitted the mother of the 18 month old boy who nearly starved to death after the Department of Children and Families placed him with a relative, against the DCF itself, resolute that the boy, now 3, and his four siblings should never return to Kirsten Fauquet.

When the child was finally brought to a hospital in November 2015 after five months in foster care, he was severely malnourished, had broken bones, bruises and scrapes, and had withdrawn into himself. His case drew a lot of publicity when the state child advocate’s office eviscerated DCF for failing to supervise the placement, and when the relative, Crystal Magee, of Groton, was arrested and charged with felony child abuse.

With the evidence portion of the trial now concluded after more than a week of testimony, Judge John C. Driscoll will decide in the coming weeks whether Fauquet, 26, and partner, John Stratzman, 27, who is the father of the injured child and of two of Fauquet’s other four children, will have their parental rights terminated.

A new law is opening some aspects of the juvenile system to news coverage, and this is the first time in Connecticut that newspaper reporters attended one of these deeply emotional trials. No fewer than six lawyers participated in this case the DCF, Fauquet, Stratzman, and the five children all were represented. Though she didn’t have to testify, and the judge made sure she knew that, Fauquet took the stand and locked wills with Assistant Attorney General Stephen Vitelli, who fired questions at her about her fitness as a parent.

The argument, presented by Fauquet’s lawyer, Lisa Vincent, was that Fauquet, who works as a certified nurse’s aide, has taken the “specific steps,” met the demands, and cooperated to a large extent with DCF has, in short, been “rehabilitated” in the child welfare parlance and now deserves to have her five children back.

DCF’s position was that concerns about Fauquet’s mental health, her coping skills, her ability to nurture the children and keep them safe, and her ability to maintain a job and a stable home, have only deepened since the children were removed in June 2015. At that time, another judge ruled that the children had been neglected and awarded temporary custody to the department. A DCF social worker had said in a sworn affidavit that the home was in a “deplorable” condition and the welfare of the children was endangered assertions that Fauquet strenuously denied on the witness stand and in conversations outside the juvenile court building.

One of the most poignant parts of the trial came when lawyer Priscilla Hammond reported on the condition of the child who was malnourished and injured in foster care.

At 3 years old, he still has serious digestive issues and is prone to the flu and fever. He has developmental delays and is receiving special education and occupational and physical therapy in his pre kindergarten programs.

But he is happy, and the family with whom he is living wants to adopt him, Hammond said.

The boy “is tiny, but he’s very cheerful and interactive,” Hammond said in court. “Four mornings a week, he’s in pre K, and then day care.”

Lawyers for the other children, who range in age from 1 to 6, said they are happy in their placements, doing well, and heading toward a sense of permanency that had been lacking. Some of the foster parents are also relatives of Fauquet, a trend in foster care in Connecticut.

But Vincent argued that DCF has done more harm than good.

Though Driscoll steered the trial away from DCF’s actions during the first months of the children’s foster care, Vincent got some of that in, peppering a DCF supervisor with the kind of questions that Child Advocate Sarah Eagan and her investigators took on in their scathing case study. Federal auditors have also questioned the department’s ability to assess risky households.

In the case of the injured child, the social worker responsible for overseeing the boy’s foster care was fired and other workers were disciplined.

Vincent asked the supervisor if he was aware that the child’s condition was worsening in foster care, and that DCF’s own ombudsman had called the agency’s Norwich office to explore those concerns. She asked him if he knew whether child development providers who were visiting the home were also distressed over the child’s health, and whether he was aware that weeks could have passed between home visits by the social worker.

The supervisor acknowledged that the social worker, who was later fired, had never expressed concerns about the foster household, and he said he didn’t know how many times the social worker had actually visited the child.

Vincent asked: “Could 50 days have passed since he had seen” the child?

At that point, Driscoll directed Vincent to return to the focus of the case: Fauquet’s fitness to be a mother.

The position of Fauquet and her lawyer was clear DCF’s actions fed a deep distrust of DCF on Fauquet’s part and compounded her struggle to satisfy the very agency that had done wrong by her children.

DCF’s position was equally clear that her spotty attendance at jobs and mental health programs, her steep mood swings, her inconsistent coping skills, and the couple’s inability to save money and line up stable and appropriate housing for her children renders her unfit.
the north face outlet DCF Face Off Over Parental Rights