the north face bodywarmer Intel for republicans

Beautifully said Adam J,

I its good to see someone understanding that “BUSH” his conservative ideals, and his ways of failed attempts to seal power away from this government that was founded on a democracy and not a freaking monarchy are obvious. He tried his stupid ass “NATIONAL SECURITY” bullst to steal power. How ignorant does he think we are. Anyway, I mean seriously Lowering taxes for the rich, Corporations pay almost equal to that % of public ( i really don’t have a problem with that one). etc. etc. damn.

PCGEEK , Josh Calvert.

Good points of view and I see how you just build on which ever company delivers the better product. However

do you feel that being of upper middle class to the wealthy plays a big role in how we choose our brands not the CHE people but people that are ignorant to CH(computer Hardware), I mean the regular dang public. Do they by Intel more because of advertisements? (that would be the more obvious) And the ones who do by nice rigs who are not CHE say “I want that new Pentium 4 for XXXX amount of dollars” mainly being republican because mainly republicans are the most financial stable out of the different political parties. would you agree.

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“The Best Intel Chip is an AMD”


Apr 27, 2005, 11:04pm EDT

hey guys all i think he was saying is that people who go for intel sort of think like a republican would think, which most stereotype or believe republicans just dont have a clue vs democrats! They just go with what they believe everyone else is going with. As we can see thats not true at all. But basically its just an analogy to try and prove or show a point! hell I have an intel 2.6C, i vote based on best fit i have no pref and I want an amd 64. NOW WHO WANTS THIS iNTEL BEFORE I TRASH IT!

I think it’s interesting that people assume that only wealthy people are republican. Most republicans I know are not wealthy. And most of them have college degrees. Some are teachers, nurses, paramedics, farmers (no they’re not rich farmers), auto mechanics, police and firefighters.

A common thread among all is that we believe in the individual, self reliance, and accountability, as the founders of this nation did. And NOT on the government taking care of us.

The government today is making us be more self reliant? I think the government today is poking it’s ass in my business more now than it did when Clinton was president. You didn’t see politicians back then conjuring up the idea to have the FBI or CIA scour one’s house without a warrant and without the person knowing and labeling said person as a terrorist when that person is really not. That is just a lovely idea, isn’t it? Republicans make it seem like they want less government involvement but in fact they’re worse that Democrats. It’s sad that people don’t realize that.
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