the north face sale womens Interstate shutdown causes headaches for motorists

As part of the closure, hundreds of truckers couldn make their deliveries.

a normal night, Sunday night a good night to go through a metropolitan area, said Johnny Johnson with the New Mexico Trucking Association.

But on Super Bowl Sunday, the night was anything but normal. A man threatened to commit suicide on Louisiana, and the freeway shut down. Some drivers tried to get around on congested side streets, but many truckers were stuck for hours.

“Those type of long delays can affect the produce that they hauling and especially if it perishable and it under refrigeration, that a danger,” Johnson said. “The other one is that they have to have correct hours of service.”

There were red brake lights everywhere. Some truckers pulled over to get some rest. They are required by law to get 10 hours of sleep and to drive no longer than 11 hours or be on duty for more than 14.

“Those guys were probably trying to get to a point of rest where they can actually log off duty and go to the sleeper and take their 10 while waiting,” said Johnson.

Unlike normal cars, commercial trucks couldn get onto side streets.

“Some of it is turning restrictions, lane restrictions and weight restrictions,” said Johnson.

Instead, many drivers spent the night on the side of the road or at a rest stop before pushing forward.

“If they delayed 10 hours, wherever they going could be delayed up to 24 hours,
the north face shirt Interstate shutdown causes headaches for motorists
” Johnson said.

Johnson also said it was extremely disturbing to hear that some people told the man on the overpass to jump. Police said drivers yelled derogatory remarks made their jobs harder.

“I know people are upset we shut the freeway down,” Albuquerque Police Department officer Simon Drobis said. “But if it was your loved one up there, how long would you want us to shut the freeway down?”

It wasn easy. But after 15 hours of talking, police say this man agreed to get down.

“This guy had mental health issues,” Drobik said. “We could tell right away. He felt he was being followed.”

Thousands watched from below as Drobik, Lt. Jon Gonzales, and Sgt. Steve Lowell took turns using their enhanced crisis intervention training.

“We take a break kind of gather some thoughts, kind of come up with different plans, different things to say,” Drobik said. “The goal is to keep him talking to us and to have him slowly come toward us and at least hold onto the fence,”

Simply getting the person to face them was a huge step, but drivers yelling at the man to jump didn help. So police closed down side streets to stop the yelling and slowly cut a hole through the fence.

“It a horrible thing to witness, somebody wanting to take their life,” Drobik said.

“You can yell at someone in crisis. Have some compassion,” Drobik said. “The city has to have compassion for people with mental health issues.”

APD says part of its training means officers never touch the person or force them to climb over. Standing on that side of the bridge is illegal,
the north face shirt Interstate shutdown causes headaches for motorists
but their main goal is to get him the help he needs.