the north face fleece Invitation to British Columbia QSO Party 2018

BCQP 2018 is coming up soon the first weekend in February and there is a big change. The event has been expanded with an additional block of time eight (8) hours on Sunday.

BCQP 2018 will run in two blocks over the weekend, with the usual 12 hours on what is Saturday in British Columbia 1600z Feb 3 to 0359z Feb 4 as well as eight hours on Sunday, 1600z to 2359z Feb 4.

You can work all 20 hours of the contest or a few hours on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday, or just Saturday or just Sunday. Completely up to you. There is no required off time, but do NOT work during the gap between the 12 hour block on Saturday and the eight hour block on Sunday.

Sunday operation is merely an option, one intended to make BCQP more enjoyable for CW operators who like BCQP but find their efforts derailed when NA Sprint CW starts. Digital operators may also find the going easier because the XE RTTY Contest will have finished.

If you are a CWer and only have Saturday to play, try the suggested alternate suggested frequencies for CW on 80m, 40m and 20m (3570, 7070 and 14050) after 0000z. These frequencies are above the sprint mayhem but encroach on digital space, so be courteous.

Please remember, BCQP Saturday and Sunday operation is NOT split by mode. Operate PH, CW and/or digital, as you wish, on one day or both during the designated blocks of time.

So mark your new calendar, if it isn already marked.

February 3, local time, 8am to 8pm AND February 4 8am to 4pm

That UTC 1600z Feb 3 to 0359z Feb 4 and 1600z to 2359z Feb 4

One other change: The e mail address for log submission.

Send to va7bec [at] rac [dot] ca

Rules, multiplier list, in depth event analysis/reports and scores from past years, examples of the lovely photo based certificates and plaques. all available for viewing from links on the BCQP page of the Orca DXCC website.

Date/Time: 1600z Feb 3 to 0359z Feb 4 AND 1600z Feb 4 to 2359 Feb 4

Objectives: Stations outside BC have to find as many VE7/VA7s as possible in the 20 hours of the contest. BC stations will be taking calls from anyone,
the north face katavi Invitation to British Columbia QSO Party 2018

Exchange: BC stations give RS(T) + three letter code representing the federal electoral district in BC

Stations outside BC give province/state/”DX”

In BCQP, Hawaii and Alaska are not considered DX. Stations in KH6 and KL7 will give “HI” and “AK”, respectively.

Top scores in every class of entry will receive certificates and if submitted logs are particularly numerous in any given category and/or results are particularly noteworthy, additional certificates will be awarded. We will, for example, recognize the first ever log received from a particular DXCC entity or a new record.

The plaque program has expanded, as well, with 10 sponsored plaques: BC Score (Single Op), Top YL Score, Top Score Canada Outside BC, Top US Score, Most Electoral Districts Contacted, Top DX, Top Mixed Mode, Top Club Score in BC, Top BC Score (Multi Op) and Top CW Score ( new!).

The photos always highlight something scenic or special about British Columbia, and they are always unique, taken especially for BCQP, and therefore collectible!
the north face katavi Invitation to British Columbia QSO Party 2018