the north face womens Iowans face costly fine for cutting the cord

is the only internet and cable provider in the area. Ogden resident Christina Janssen Solheim said she had not had a landline for years.

“I don’t even have a phone plugged in,” Ogden resident Glen Caldwell said. “So it doesn’t do me any good having a phone line except for them saying we have to have one.”

Heckman said the FCC recently imposed a fee on rural providers. Heckman said he understands his customers’ frustration but thinks the charges are reasonable.

“The rural areas, it’s just quite costly to get the internet to those rural areas,” Heckman said.

Janssen Solheim said it is wrong for residents to be charged for opting out of landlines.

“We’re gonna be charged $80 for not having a landline,” Janssen Solheim said. “That, to me, is wrong. That’s unreasonable.”

Heckman said Ogden residents have the option to switch to a satellite provider and that the company plans to reach out to the community so that they can understand why the company is being forced to raise their prices.
size the north face Iowans face costly fine for cutting the cord