the north face nuptse 2 down jacket A gift guide for travelers

NEW YORK What’s in your bag when you take a trip? What gadgets, tools and comfort items are essential?

We crowdsourced that question on a Facebook thread as fodder for a holiday gift guide for travelers. We heard from folks around the world, from millennials to retirees, from frequent flying business travelers to once in a while vacationers. Here are their recommendations, plus a few of our favorites.

Portable chargers to keep devices running on the road. Anker’s PowerCore 26800, $48, can charge an iPhone more than six times. For hikers and beach bums, Anker’s PowerPort Solar Lite, $51, was deemed the best solar charger by The New York Times’ Wirecutter product testing company.

The Tile, $35, to keep track of belongings. Attach the Tile to an object like keys or bags, or tuck it inside a passport case or wallet, and you can locate the item with Bluetooth technology. For outdoor gear, try Tile Sport.

Tiny Bluetooth speakers, like the $28 Oontz , to fill a hotel room or vacation rental with music.

Power strip or cube tap (a cube shaped adapter with multiple outlets) to charge multiple devices in hotel rooms and airports.

Headlamp for hiking, reading and crafting. Or the mini Lumio lamp and battery pack, which opens and closes like a book, $150.

Packing and luggage

Compression storage bags so packed clothes take up less room. No vacuum needed for Roomier Life Roll Up Space Saver Bags, $16 on Amazon: The air is expelled through an opening when they’re rolled up.

Packing cubes and ultralight nylon packing bags for organizing. Flight 001’s Spacepak bags , $42 and up, have dual compartments to separate dirty and clean clothes, and also have air vents for compression.

Hand held scale for weighing bags.

Luggage. Bean; stylish, upscale and durable, Tumi. For organized hipsters, the $220 Nomatic backpack/duffel bag. For day bags, Bagallini, LeSportsac and REI’s $33 compressible Sea To Summit Ultra Sil Daypack. The new trtl travel pillow looks like a neck wrap rather than the traditional U shape. It supports the head and neck with a system of ribs inside a soft fleece,
the north face mountain A gift guide for travelers

Ear plugs and contoured sleep masks that don’t crush eyelids and lashes.

Bose noise canceling headphones : expensive at around $350, but the brand of choice for frequent flyers.

White noise machines like LectroFan, $35.

Comfort, hygiene, beauty, fitness

Travel size toiletries: toothpaste, sunscreen, deodorant, mouthwash, lotion, antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, lip balm, perfume, tissues. Gift a Birchbox subscription for $10 a month and the recipient will get five samples of personal care and beauty products per delivery for hair, skin and style, all in TSA compliant sizes for carry on liquids and gels not exceeding 3.4 ounces.

Toiletry bag that can be hung up upon arrival.

Tennis ball size T Spheres , aromatherapy massage balls, can be heated or frozen, $35.

Soaragami armrest divider , $30. Have fun explaining it to the stranger on the plane sitting next to you in coach.

Inflatable Ten Toes stand up paddleboard, $500 and up.

Bike helmets that fold flat. Morpher helmets are certified safe in the United States and Canada by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, $149.

Practical and fun

To make a hotel room or vacation rental homey, a flat folding mesh laundry hamper; plastic, fold out flower vase and 2 cup travel kettle for boiling water.

For cocktails on the road, Flight 001 sells a $65 mini bar kit with tiny glass bottles, metal flasks, stir spoon, funnel and recipe booklet. The vials are sized to be TSA compliant,
the north face mountain A gift guide for travelers
but remember that it’s not legal to drink your own booze on an airplane.