the north face ski jackets A guide to local college campuses

View full sizeJOE HERMITT, The Patriot NewsMembers of The Patriot News college student think tank, from left, Lynn Ondrusek of Penn State University, Beth Anne Heesen of Millersville, Teddy Wilhite of , Katrina Wells of Lebanon Valley College, Mike Rowe of Shippensburg University, Kasey Varner of and Abby McDonald of .

College orientation is on the horizon. It a time to get acquainted with the school and surrounding area.

But chances are the orientation or campus tour is going to miss out on some key parts of campus life. The nitty gritty, need to know things. Like what food to avoid in the cafeteria, where to go in between classes or what course is a must take.

Only an insider can give that kind of information, so we rounded up a few. Best on campus hangout: The red Adirondack chairs around the quads. Dickinsonians like to be outdoors; whether playing catch, Frisbee or catching rays. Everyone seems to always be outside. Best off campus hangout: Deli C (open 24/7) or Carlisle Theatre. Best dining hall food: Kovie Option (kosher/vegan). 60 percent of our college produce comes from our college farm in Boiling Springs, so most of the food is really fresh. Worst dining hall food: Canadian cheese soup. Best university event: Earthfest. It a giant festival/BBQ that occurs every spring. Best activity/organization: Club ice hockey games. Coolest class to take: Anything in the environment or earth science department. There are a lot of field trips. Coolest professor: Professor Edlin of poli/sci or professor Fratatuono (aka, professor Frat) in international studies. Describe the style: Wide range of styles, from preppy to granola. Best on campus job: Working in the admissions house is fun. If you want a higher pay scale, though, the art department is always looking for nude models. Campus traditions: Everyone at Dickinson dresses up the statue of Ben Rush. It mostly pretty tasteful. Coolest sport to watch: Football or lacrosse. Elizabethtown College

Student: Rachel Marsteller Class: 2011 Hometown: Frederick, Md. Best on campus hangout: Jay Nest, which was our auxiliary place to eat and get snacks. Best off campus hangout: A bar in Hummelstown called Portabellas (we called it Ports). For the under 21 crowd, a lot of people liked to frequent a local coffeehouse on Market Street called Folklore. Best university event: Mr. Mr. Etown was a male beauty pageant. (Thank Goodness It Spring) was held at the end of April. It was just a big weekend of activities and they have an all campus picnic outside on Brinser Field on the Saturday. Best activity/organization: Intramural sports. Coolest class to take: American sign language. It was always packed and had a huge wait list. The instructor, Sherry, was the reason the class was so fun. I laughed every class; she was hilarious. Coolest professor: Again this varies widely from department to department. I thought Sherry Albert, the sign language professor, was the best I had. But if you talk to someone in the English department, they would say professor Downing. In communications, Dr. Helb was the best. Describe the style: Everyone seemed to have their own style, really. Most people seemed to wear jeans and T shirts and hoodies. Best on campus job: I worked at Campus Security as a dispatcher and I loved that job. It all depends on who you ask and what jobs they had. Campus traditions: The Messiah Marshmallow Game. Every year right around Halloween there was always a soccer game between Etown and Messiah. Students would sneak bags of marshmallows into the game and proceed to throw them at the other team, the other team fans, the refs, etc. Coolest: sport to watch: Lacrosse and wrestling. Best on campus hangout: Attic parties and Servio Madness. Best off campus hangout: Lincoln Diner, or Ragged Edge and ghost tours. Best dining hall food: Servo chocolate chip cookies and Sunday brunches. Worst dining hall food: Middle Eastern theme night. Coolest dorm: West Quad dorms Paul, Rice and Stine. They are right in the middle of campus and close to everything. Best university event: Springfest, which is right before finals and is a carnival. Snowball, which is a swing dance with a live jazz band. Best activity/organization: Campus Activity Board. You help plan all of the activities on campus and always know what going on. Coolest class to take: First year seminars. Coolest professor: All of them. They are all really dedicated to the subject they teach and want their students to succeed. They go out of their way to help students and make them feel comfortable on campus. Describe the style: Sundresses, skirts, jeans, rainboots. Best on campus job: Post office and library, because you end up meeting over half of the campus at work. Campus traditions: Sunday brunches, Springfest, Snowball, Get Acquainted Day. Burt Class: Transferring fall 2012 Hometown: Harrisburg Best on campus hangout: Cooper Student Center. That is where all student extra curricular activities take place. Students come after class and just chill and relax from the day studies. Best off campus hangout: It would have to be just going to my friends house. My friends and I always find something to just sit around and have deep discussions about. Best dining hall food: There isn any food in our cafe that I amazed over. But looking at my peers they always go to the deli counter and get a made to order sandwich wrap or panini. Best university event: The best event that I participated in would have to be the lecture from Bobby Seal, one of the co founders of the Black Panthers. It was a really cool experience to sit and listen to the history of this great organization. Best activity/organization: The best activity that I participated in would have to be the fundraisers that my organization puts on. This leads me into the second part of the question: is the best club? would have to be the organization that I a part of, The African American Student Association, also known as We hold a lot of activities for the students at HACC. I am also the president for the upcoming school year. Coolest class to take: Speech. This class will absolutely teach you the workings of communication. This class will also bring things out of you that you never thought you possessed when dealing with public speaking and being creative. Coolest professor: Mark Nicholas he is a great biology teacher. He is really passionate about his area of expertise and makes sure we the students are educated like college students should be. When I see students in need of a bio professor I always recommend him. Describe the style: The style on campus is very dynamic. You will see people wear anything from PJs to suits. And then you have those folks who just drive their beds to school and walk into class looking any and every kind of way. on campus job: The best on campus job would have to be my job. I work in the Welcome Center. The Welcome Center houses the admissions office, which helps prospective students. Along with that, you have the Campus Ambassador Program, which takes those prospective student on tours of the campus and gives great info also. Campus traditions: There is HACC Free for All. All of the different offices of the campus set up on our quad and bring information to our new students about their office. They do this every year. Coolest sport to watch on campus: Men and women basketball games. Best off campus hangout: IHouse (International House). Best university event: Movie night. (Free pizza!) Best activity/organization: Volunteering in different school events. Coolest class: Video production. Coolest professor: We were still small enough where any student can meet every professor and have a genuine relationship regardless of their major. Describe the style: We have just about every style at the school. That has to be the best part of HU,
the north face boys jackets A guide to local college campuses
all the diversity. Best on campus job: Tutoring. Campus traditions: We haven established any traditions that I know of, but I plan on leaving one before I graduate. Coolest sport to watch: We haven started any sports yet at the school.

Lebanon Valley College

Name: Katrina Wells Class: 2010 Hometown: Manheim Best on campus hangout: Dorms, lounges and student center or outside. Best off campus hangout: MJ Coffeehouse. Best dining hall food: Chicken Tenders Thursday. Everyone loves it. Worst dining hall food: Most of the entrees. They aren always identifiable. Best university event: Dutchman Days. A day planned by student government when classes are canceled and fun activities are held. Best activity/organization: Relay for Life, which brings almost every sports team and clubs together for a good cause. Coolest class to take: Most of our disciplinary perspectives courses are neat. They include courses about AIDS, the Holocaust, evolution, color theory and paranormal phenomena. Coolest professor: Depends on whom you ask. Most people like Dr. Summers (education department) or Dr. Rudd (business). Describe the style: Most people come to class dressed, not in hoodies or PJs, just casual clothes. Best on campus job: Working in the computer lab or library. They are both quiet places and allow you to get work done while getting paid. Campus traditions: Dutchman Days, Valleyfest, and the Albright rivalry. If LVC football beats Albright, we petition the president for an extra day of Thanksgiving vacation. Best off campus hangout: Bakers (A local 24 hour diner). Best dining hall food: Sunday chicken cordon bleu. it, don eat it. Best university event: Marshmallow Bowl soccer game and B Sides. Best activity/organization: Ultimate Frisbee, club volleyball and floating down the Breeches. Coolest class to take: Intro to guitar. Coolest professor: Billman or Bloom. Describe campus style: Jeans and T shirts, North Face jackets. Best on campus job: Conference services. You get to work the concerts. Campus traditions: Midnight Scream (finals week), Pancake Night (finals week), Boxer Run, men athletic parade around campus, singing carols in their underwear (also during finals week) and Special Olympics. Our library has been down two years for renovations, and since commuters can go to the dorms, it the place they can heat their food and hang out. There dishes and food. Best off campus hangout: Sugar Bowl, a restaurant near MU. Best university event: Millersville always had a lot of coverage in the school paper. Also, movie and midnight breakfast at student memorial center. Best activity/organization: Swing Dance Club and The Snapper (student newspaper). Coolest class to take: Opinion writing and editing for page design. class, half the students are wearing sweatpants or pajama pants, but look better later in the day. As a general rule, everyone looks nicer at the beginning of the semester and deteriorates as the semester goes on. Best on campus job: Library. Campus traditions: Millersville Parade. A lot of different clubs will build floats. Coolest sport to watch: Basketball.

Penn State, State College Campus

Name: Andy Colwell Class: 2011 Hometown: State College Best on campus hangout: The HUB, Old Main Lawn, The HUB lawn. Best off campus hangout: Cafe 210 (21 and older), Irvings, or anywhere downtown. Best dining hall food: Follow the rule is best. Worst dining hall food: The Big Onion pizza. Best university event: Football weekends and Thon weekend. Best activity/organization: Thon. Coolest class to take: Before he retired, Frank Clemente Sociology 005 class. Coolest professor: See coolest class Describe campus style: Hoodies and Uggs (unfortunately). Best on campus job: Stagehand for events at Bryce Jordan Center. North is pretty good as well. Worst dining hall food: Anything in East. Best university event: Homecoming parade is always a must see each year. Best activity/organization: Society of Physics Students, The Daily Collegian (best student paper). Coolest class to take: The Art of Theatre. This class goes through the history of theater, and lectures are quite amusing to some degree. Grad students act out more important scenes of plays. Coolest professor: Dr. Richards, Law of Mass Communications or professor Mcleod, Microeconomics. Both know their subjects very well and make class really interesting and both keep the air very light. Describe the style: Hoodies, Uggs and leggings as pants (sadly). Or the typical jeans and anything blue and white. Best on campus job: I heard the dining commons is good, and so is the library. Working for The Daily Collegian is even better. Campus traditions: Homecoming, Thon, eating at the Diner, and taking your picture with the lion statue. Coolest sport to watch: Football or women volleyball. Or Spikes games, because free tickets are often available. Shippensburg University

Name: Mike Rowe Class: 2011 Hometown: Shamokin Best on campus hangout: Ship Rec (new, fun, lots to do). Best off campus hangout: Hot Point. They have good food, and if you 21 cheap drinks and the occasional mechanical bull. Best dining hall food: Anything at breakfast. Worst dining hall food: Pizza (greasy and bland). Best university event: Raiderfest. Happens twice a year with activities all week. Best activity/organization: Racquetball or Activities Programming Board. You get to plan events and meet a ton of people. Coolest class to take: Discrete Math. It all about calculating odds of stuff, so if you into playing cards or things like that, then I recommend it. Coolest professor: Dr. Ensley. Friendly, funny, approachable and always available. Describe the style: Hoodies. It always windy at Ship. Best on campus job: Help Desk. If you into computers at all, you get to play with them all day. Campus traditions: Trying to get on top of Heiges Field House. You not allowed to, but everyone always talks about doing it. Coolest sport to watch: Football. Tailgating is a blast,
the north face boys jackets A guide to local college campuses
and even though we a small school there a lot of spirit.