the north face kids jackets A few new gift ideas for sports fans and outdoor sports enthusiasts

Every Christmas season brings personalized beer glasses and fleece blankets complete with team logos to sports fans around the country. While these gifts are appropriate and often useful, they could be getting a bit stale. Here are a few different ideas for the sports fan or outdoors enthusiast in your life.

ESPN Films 30 For 30

This film series covers a multitude of sports and sports related subjects. These critically acclaimed documentaries are sure to keep your sports fan entertained throughout the cold winter months. Needle nose pliers, wire cutters, a blade, screwdrivers and a bottle opener are all included in this well reviewed, multi faceted tool available at Dick Sporting Goods for $39.99.

34 Ton Bat Rushin tells the story of baseball through the history of the items most closely associated with the sport, from pieces of changing uniforms, to eye black, jock straps, beer and hot dogs. This is an excellent gift for the lover of the game who also enjoys reading. Barnes Noble carries the book in hardcover for $19.89.

The North Face Bombay Insulated Jacket

This mid layer piece of winter wear is advertised as perfect for all of your winter adventures. It is water resistant and locks in body heat with Heatseeker Insulation, although heavier items are suggested for extreme cold temperatures. Dick Sporting Goods carries the jacket in men and women styles for $99.

Snow Ski Wine Rack

For the person on your list who likes to hit the slopes during winter and have a glass of wine in the lodge afterward,
the north face boots A few new gift ideas for sports fans and outdoor sports enthusiasts
pick up this Snow Ski Wine Rack, built by craftsman Michael Bellino. This stylish way to store your vintages has received 4.5 stars over 228 reviews. With both winter and summer products, the Cyclone Buff can keep your hunter or snowboarder warm while in the woods or on the slope with polar fleece and moisture management properties, or it can keep bugs away from your angler face while keeping his or her skin cool and protected from the sun.

Franklin Shoot Again

For the sports fan who has a lounge, bar, or viewing room in his or her basement, the Franklin Shoot Again is a perfect addition to any sports sanctuary. With a ball return that rotates 180 degrees and adjustable height, this mini basketball setup will have your sports fans playing horse between quarters.

Warm hands warm hearts

Whether the person you shopping for enjoys going to NFL games late in the season, waiting for whitetail deer to walk by or hoping for steelhead to swim downstream, he or she can definitely use a hand warmer. Zippo makes hand warmers that produce consistent heat for 12 hours and work on the same lighter fluid that fuels your trusty Zippo lighter. In that case, give him or her something special to sit on while watching the games. It a bit pricey,
the north face boots A few new gift ideas for sports fans and outdoor sports enthusiasts
but it worth it for a unique and stylish gift for the skateboarder in your life.