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Monday 23rd March Long Live The King.

is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York. (By the way Shakespeare was way ahead of his time York, like Tewkesbury, has a big church and also floods)

A polite clap all round for those who spotted that was a very famous line from Richard the Third (or as the kids text 3 1s It been a fun couple of years since ol R3 had his bits and bobs dug up in a car park in Leicester and lets face facts, for those of us following the cherry and whites year in and year out there been a few times we wished we could curl up and die in Leicester too.

So on Sunday our Dickie (ex Duke of Gloucester) finally got a burial fit for a king. Perhaps not surprisingly there was an almighty to do as to where his final resting place should be. Leicester (Bosworth) were always the favourites but York and London all chirped in with their claims to have him laid to rest in their respective areas. In truth Gloucestershire fancied it for a while but it was never really in the serious running.

Not really a bad thing either as someone somewhere finally has to be summoned to court over 3 resting place of over 500 years An NCP Car Park in Leicester (this is no joke). Now anyone who ever had a run in with our friends with pricey parking fees knows they want their because technically Richy boy was property without paying for a fair old while.500 years

It not often the county council get praise but well done lads and lasses for not getting too deep into this one. You see, with a basic bit of maths, you can easily see Dickie unscheduled stop over is quite expensive, really expensive.

Let assume the stay over was exactly 500 years, that 26,000 weeks. Can you imagine that conversation? we pay weekly about How about we spot you 3 tries every Gloucester v Leicester game? so all in all Leicester is very welcome to King Richard.

I catch you weekdays from 6am.

Clever office managers all around Gloucestershire are already well ahead of the game. Why? Well because we embarked on our biggest giveaway ever and to be fair as the station that regularly dishes out with our competition on Heart we know a thing or two about big giveaways. The basic idea is simple (which is good because so am i) We taken 100 consecutive days. We giving away four really great prizes each day and we simply saying if you win one of the four daily prizes you go into a draw on day 100 to then win . a bit like the gift that keeps on giving (except it a lot better than the sandwich toaster you been trying to offload on unsuspecting in laws etc each Christmas) The initial very cool prize, followed up by an even cooler hit of a life changing cash!

Now you better get your skates on as we been playing Heart 100 Happy Days for 37 days including today,
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so the good news is you still got about two thirds of the game run time left to play.

Some of the daily prizes we already given away include

to see One Direction (you be parent of the year if you won them)

A VIP salon experience with hairdresser Nicky Clarke

Tickets to any day at any venue of this years Ashes tests in the cricket

Tickets to Ladies Day at Cheltenham

A weekend for 2 to Rome

So remember. Well 5 actually if you include the steering wheel (which on this car I’m led to believe is an optional extra). Doors and lights are also included.

Now for those of you who suffer Heart breakfast regularly (sorry listener) then you know I’m not a man for details, so my long suffering sister Yvonne picks up the reigns for me there. She is a fully qualified accountant. She so good in fact that she retired at the age of 40 after selling her firm for Yvonne is the brains of our family. I left the details, finance stuff etc etc to her and just ponied up the dough Then sat back, relaxed and spent the whole of last Thursday waiting for my new motor to be delivered. Eventually I called the dealership it was coming from One in the North West. A very nice lady informed me that I shouldn worry and that the lovely delivery man was on his way Happy days! 30 mins turned into an hour which turned into 90 mins and still no sign of my car.

Trying not to sound like a total idiot I rang the dealership again. The polite lady apologised, said there been an accident on the motorway and was (according to his sat nav) 13 minutes away! Happy days!

13 minutes turned into 20 and that turned into an hour. It was 5.25pm and this time i called the dealership intent of having it out with them. Id spent all day since 11am inside at home waiting for the b car and i was getting might hacked off. di dee I said (or words to that effect) my car? minutes later Yvonne called. Loch Lomond, Scotland

Fiddle di dee.(or words to that effect)

Monday 16th February The Oscars fever, Oscars this, Oscars that and Oscars the other. Blah blah blah.

We find out Sunday night/Monday morning our time who won what. Will Eddie Redmayne get his gong for a fantastic portrayal of Stephen Hawking or will Mr Cumberbatch pick up first prize for The Imitation Game?

Either way goes home empty handed as they say in all the best game shows and this years nominees will end up taking home a goodie bag even if they don take home a gold statue. The goodie bag has become quite the tradition. It packed with all the latest Hollywood A List must haves and in true Tinsletown fashion the nominees of 2015 will be walking home with a bag that contains worth of toys Go read that last line again. It no typo. If you get a nomination in one of the top 7 or 8 major awards (best actor/actress/director/film etc) you get a bag with worth of cool stuff inside. Try telling Hollywood there a recession on!
the north face rucksacks Heart Gloucestershire

the north face uk Hearing Impaired nurse gets thrown out of R

Terra State Community College has a long and documented history of accommodating students with disabilities. Through its Office of Disability Services, Terra State has developed and consistently implements a policy that provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities.

Terra State also takes seriously any complaint regarding a failure to provide reasonable accommodations. In light of the recent allegations brought through a complaint in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, the College thoroughly reviewed its accommodation policies and procedures, and how they were applied to the student who initiated the complaint. After review, the College believes that its policies and procedures are sound and afford protections to both the College and its student body.

In an effort to resolve this litigation and avoid unnecessary time and expense, the College entered into an Offer of Judgment. The Offer of Judgment does not admit liability on behalf of the College, its nursing program or any of its faculty or staff.

is a complex case. Based on the limited and conflicting information that the College had received from Ms. Parrott Copus at the time the decision was made,
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Terra State believed that it acted lawfully, said Dr. Jerome Webster, president of Terra State Community College.

The judgment includes $50,000 related to the plaintiff claims and $25,000 for all costs, expenses and attorneys fees incurred by Parrott Copus in connection with this action.

This settlement was brokered by the Ohio Attorney General Office in the hope of bringing closure to this case so that parties could move forward without the burdens, stress and time of litigation.
the north face coats sale Hearing Impaired nurse gets thrown out of R

the north face nuptse jacket hearing impaired football team given rare honour of trip to play Australia

Only a lucky few North Koreans get the chance to travel out of the country, but the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (DPRK) first national hearing impaired football team is being given the rare privilege to play their first international friendly game against Australia in Sydney this weekend.

Formed just a year ago, the players are between the ages of 15 and 25 and they were handpicked to represent their country based on their health, skill and stamina.

The North Korean team’s visit followed calls by the United Nations General Assembly’s Human Right’s Committee (HRC) last month to refer the DPRK to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity.

The referral followed a UN Commission of Inquiry report published in February 2014, which detailed wide ranging human rights abuses and atrocities in the country, including prison camps, systematic torture and starvation.

Professor Bronwen Dalton from the University of Technology said the football tour was a significant step towards the North Korean government’s efforts to help improve international relations.

“Their visit is highly unusual and it’s trying to send a few messages,” Professor Dalton said.

“It’s that the North Koreans aren’t always about violation of human rights. For example, they provide support for the physically disabled.

“It’s also trying to signal a gesture of friendliness and a new experimentation with cultural diplomacy and sports diplomacy.

“Nevertheless, things are done with a purpose. It’s a very rational act there.

“It’s not a crazy rogue state. It does things in a calculated fashion and they would only be doing this, if they saw some benefit to their own international reputation.”

North Korea enters world stage for disabled sportThe DPRK’s deaf football team’s trip is a first, but it is the country’s third international appearance representing people with disabilities.

In 2012, Rim Ju Song, a 17 year old amputee, participated in the Paralympics in London, as the country’s first Paralympian athlete.

Despite the swimmer coming in last in his race, his courage to compete made history at home and abroad. (ABC News: Simon Palan)

In 2003, the government passed a law that officially acknowledged the existence of people with a disability and it aimed, in principle, to protect them.

The law outlined six chapters on caring for people with a disability, covering areas such as rehabilitation, education, cultural life and labour.

Little is known about the effectiveness of the law and Professor Dalton has questioned the significance of the legislation.

“As far as rights of people with a disability in North Korea, I feel there hasn’t been a significant change,” she said.

“Basic human rights are under threat in that country and there are no particular services or support delivered despite the recognition of people with a disability in 2003.”

But North Korea’s football chief manager, Jong Hyun, insisted their government was working hard to address the needs of all citizens.

“The government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea regards the work for the protection of people with a disability as one of the most important policies,” he said.

“The government is giving priority to the development of work of the protection of people with disability now.”

As for the upcoming friendly match on December 13, striker Ri Kuk Jin said whatever the final result, he hoped to make his country proud.
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the north face sweatshirt Healthy Under Pressure wants to make health a priority for founders

Entrepreneurs and startup teams spend countless hours paying attention to things like validating business ideas, developing products and raising capital. Burning the candle at both ends sometimes means that health and nutrition take a back seat. Amber Pankonin is on a mission to help.

“Startups fail for a number of reasons, and burnout is one of them,” said Pankonin, a Registered Dietician. “We assume failures happen due to poor cash flow, a poor business model or competition. We rarely attribute failure to health or stress.”

Pankonin has started a podcast called Healthy Under Pressure, featuring interviews with entrepreneurs, startup founders and busy people about the health challenges they face.

“I definitely feel like my audience is this community,” she said. “They were engaging me online, messaging me in the middle of the night about nutrition and diet. People want to have this conversation and want a place to go to for credible information.”

Ben Pankonin, Amber’s husband and Co Founder/CEO of fintech startup Social Assurance, provides a handy test case.

“I had the front seat of watching Ben launch his startup and really the emotional and financial rollercoaster that follows,” Amber said. “It was really conversations with Ben and other startups that made me realize very quickly that they were taking care of important things in their business but not taking care of themselves.”

Ben confirms that health is often not a priority for founders.

“It’s a hierarchy of needs and keeping the lights on is usually at the top,” he said. “Somewhere on that list is your own health, but it’s not in the top five.”

Conversations and stories are key components of the approach to the podcast.

“The podcast is a way to offer help to startups through stories and narration,” Ben said. “A lot of it is evolving into conversations. A lot of offline conversations are happening.”

Amber Pankonin’s career started out on a more traditional track before changing focus.

“I originally thought I’d be a clinical dietician,” she said. “As Ben and I started dreaming about future businesses,
the north face sizing Healthy Under Pressure wants to make health a priority for founders
I decided I wanted to do freelance nutrition communications.”

Amber Pankonin and husband Ben

Amber uses the podcast to supplement her blog, newsletter and social media communications. She also has a presence on local radio and television.

“I do a weekly interview on KFOR radio and a weekly segment on 10/11,” she said. “Now I have a podcast.”

As the holiday season approaches, Amber hopes the podcast will be particularly useful.

“For a lot of people who are struggling this time of year, it’s a nice thing for them to listen to on their commute or run,” she said. “Startup founders can’t really afford a wellness plan or director or personal dietician.”

The podcast stories are likely to hit home for many founders.

“Founders are incredibly honest,” Amber said. “They’ll open up about health and what’s going on at home.”

Individual health and nutrition are important to a startup’s success, but so are relationships.

“We saw a lot of founders struggling in relationships with spouses or significant others,” Amber said. “When those fell apart, so did the startup.”

Both Amber and Ben see the podcast as a service to the startup community.

“It’s more about offering support to this community because both Ben and I are seen as leaders and community builders,” Amber said. “We want to support founders that might be struggling.”

Rod Armstrong is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for AIM in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a regular contributor to Silicon Prairie News.

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the north face sizing Healthy Under Pressure wants to make health a priority for founders

the north face himalayan parka Healthy prevention or harmful chemicals

Sodium Deoxycholate Pierce Protein Biology Products says this is a water soluble, bile acid, ionic detergent commonly used in protein methods.Formaldehyde The National Cancer Institute describes formaldehyde as a colorless, flammable, strong smelling chemical that is used in building materials and to produce many household products. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified formaldehyde as a probable human carcinogen. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified formaldehyde as a human carcinogen . In 2011, the National Toxicology Program 12th Report on Carcingoens said formaldehyde is a known human carcinogen.Pacific Health Center reports the flu shots have two and a half times the formaldehyde as the level listed as “an immediate danger to life and health” by the National Institute for Occupational Safety Health. They also report that aluminum, which is also in the flu shot in trace amounts, accelerate the activation of the immune system. But once the immune system is “turned on,” there’s no switch to turn it off. Long term side effects of this are unknown.The National Research Council says “formaldehyde is oxidised to formic acid which leads to acidosis and nerve damage. Acidosis can be described as a condition in which the acidity of the body tissues and fluids is abnormally high.A tocopheryl hydrogen succinate Merck Millipore classifies this ingredient as vitamin E.Polysorbate 80 A Pub Med article says Polysorbate 80 is a ubiquitously used solubilizing agent that can cause severe nonimmunologic anaphylactoid reactions.Hydrocortisone WebMD says “Use this medication on the skin only. Avoid getting this medication in the eyes, nose, or mouth. If you get the medication in these areas, rinse with plenty of water.”The NSF says if hydrocortisone is ingested to seek medical attention immediately and that it poses a danger of serious health damage if swallowed.According to Vaccination Information Service mercury is also present in trace amounts as a preservative in the flu vaccine. Mercury is the second most poisonous element known to man and studies have shown that neurons begin to disintegrate in its presence. It has also been found to cause changes to chromosomes. Once it is ingested, injected, or inhaled, it stays within the body and accumulates. Some of the most serious side effects of mercury are liver disorders, injury to the cardiovascular system and hematopoietic system,
the north face recon Healthy prevention or harmful chemicals
deafness and ataxia. This University of Calgary video shows how mercury affects the brain.Often times we hear doctors, pharmacist and public health officials recommend that children and the elderly receive a flu shot.An article in Eco Child’s Play reports that Donald Miller, MD, a cardiac surgeon and Professor of Surgery at the University of Washington, recommends taking vitamin D instead of getting a flu shot. He also says 70 percent of doctors do not get a flu shot.The article goes on to say that health officials say 5 20 percent of the population contract the flu each year. Approximately 200,000 people require hospitalization and 36,000 people die from the flu. The CDC’s National Vital Statistics Reports shows that only 1,138 deaths a year occur due to the flu alone. More than 34,000 of the “36,000 flu deaths are “influenza associated” pneumonic and cardiovascular deaths. In other words, people had other pre existing health conditions which were made more serious by flu.There is also a lack of evidence that young children benefit from flu shots. A systematic review of 51 studies involving 260,000 children age 6 to 23 months found no evidence that the flu vaccine is any more effective than a placebo according to a PubMed report.The American College of Health Sciences says that vitamin D may help prevent the flu because it plays a critical role in allowing the immune system to successfully defeat viruses of all kinds. It also says Elderberry syrup has been shown by many scientific studies to fight standard strains of influenza. Dr. Oz concurs, saying elderberry extract is very effective at blocking a virus’ ability to enter the body.Since the majority of deaths associated with the flu occur in people who have other serious health issues, it may be wise for the elderly to receive the flu shot. However, those that are otherwise relatively healthy, it may be more prudent to avoid the flu shot and look at more natural and less toxic alternatives.Nothing on this site should be construed as personal medical advice. This information should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your physician and your own education in this matter.
the north face recon Healthy prevention or harmful chemicals

the north face nuptse boots Healthcare facilities ask visitors to hold off on visiting

WICHITA FALLS As Texoma continues to deal with the difficult flu season, many families must deal with inconveniences and sacrifices as those in healthcare take unusual measures in hopes of preventing others from being infected.

To try and protect its residents, Texhoma Christian Care Center and Presbyterian Manor are asking visitors to just hold off on visiting their loved ones whenever possible.

We know that the elderly and the young are more susceptible to contracting illnesses and with this flu season, health care facilities and assisted living centers are taking extra steps to ensure they don get the nasty bug.

Every year during flu season, healthcare facilities are on high alert and taking every precaution, but this year they stepping it up.

“We already discouraged any visitors who are sick, or have a cough or any kind of respiratory illness,” Alishia Crownover, Quality Assurance Nurse with Texhoma Christian Care Center, said. “We strongly encourage them to stay home. We glad to take phone calls and let them know how their loved ones are doing.”

Crownover said face masks and hand sanitizers are placed at all entrance doors.

“We have anyone who comes in, employee or visitor go ahead and put on a mask, do hand hygiene and we really try to keep staff and visitors from going room to room and building to building so that maybe they not carrying the bug around with them,” Crownover said.

Other facilities are also taking precautions with visitors.

“I think there enough media coverage about the flu that people understand that how serious it is with the elderly and with the children, so we not had that much of a pushback,” Jerri Thomas, Presbyterian Manor Marketing Director, said.

Some departments are also doing a little extra sanitizing.

“Our housekeeping department is making sure that they do extra diligence on making sure that the door handles are extra sanitized or the light switches get extra sanitized,” Thomas said.

As for when they allow all visitors, Crownover said they just follow the trends.

“We look each week and see what the percentages are on on the DSHS website where we know what going on in our area and we continue to just go with that trend,” Crownover said.

With the CDC saying flu season could last another 13 weeks, Crownover said they asking people if they enter nursing homes, to just be mindful of the residents and their own health.
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the north face outlet sale Health Snaps engages patients for better physical therapy results

Three students at the University of Wisconsin were discussing business ideas when one mentioned his experience with a cumbersome paper process during physical therapy. Thinking there had to be a better way, the trio formed Milwaukee based Health Snaps, a startup currently going through the NMotion Accelerator program.

“Max (Zirbel, CTO), Jordan (Mather, CEO) and I were all in the software engineering program at Wisconsin, kicking around ideas,” said CIO Sean Baumgartner. “I mentioned I went through physical therapy and said how crappy the paper process was.”

Nearly three fourths of patients don’t adhere to their home exercise program assigned by a physical therapist, usually with a big folder of paper. Health Snaps developed a digital patient engagement platform that turns videos of patient exercises under therapist supervision into an app for monitoring, feedback and reminders.

“The product allows therapists to engage their patients and create videos of the client exercising,” Zirbel said. “You can hold them accountable and communicate with them to let them know if something’s not going right.”

The company’s initial focus is on sports medicine practices.

“We started with a health system in Green Bay, the primary provider for the Packers,” Zirbel said. “We have clinics in California, Virginia, Alabama and now Lincoln. Eight total.”

A trade show provided the avenue to showcase the product.

“We went to a conference in Texas where we launched the product,” Zirbel said. “We got some interest going there, and after that people slowly started to come in.”

How did a company from Milwaukee wind up at an accelerator in Nebraska?

“We got an e mail from Keevin (O’Rourke, NMotion Program Manager) that felt like he wrote it just for us, a young company with a few customers,” Zirbel said. “We went to the interview, loved Keevin and were really excited to be accepted.”

As with other startups in the cohort, NMotion is helping Health Snaps focus.

“The NMotion program has been great for us focusing on our early adopters, getting the first key clients,” Baumgartner said. “They help us set the path.”

The focus and discipline were a departure from how the company was operating.

“We were trying everything,” Zirbel said. “There’s so much out there for what a startup should do it’s easy to get lost in it.”

What next for Health Snaps

Still, Health Snaps has its sights set on eventual growth.

“We definitely want to grow and attain more customers, level up and become stronger individuals,” Zirbel said. “Right now, we’re really keyed in on our early adopters.”

And who are those early adopters?

“People wanting to bring technology into health care, people ready to be innovative in the field,” Zirbel said. “We want them to use the product and give us feedback. Then we’ll flip the switch to growth mode.”

Baumgartner and Zirbel are going through the accelerator program, while Mather holds down the fort at the Milwaukee headquarters. What do they think of Lincoln so far?

“Lincoln has been great,” Baumgartner said. “There are a lot of startups in this town, the community has been awesome so far.”

At least one startup who previously went through NMotion has offered help.

“Nobl Health reached out and said we’re in the same space, let’s meet and we’ll offer whatever advice we can give you,” Zirbel said. “We’re trying to get feedback on our product locally.”

At the end of the day, it’s all about the patient.

“One of the things we can always improve on is the patient experience,” Zirbel said. “They’re the most important user we have.”

“Without patient engagement, the company won’t work,” he added.

Rod Armstrong is Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for AIM in Lincoln, Nebraska. He is a regular contributor to Silicon Prairie News.
the north face boots Health Snaps engages patients for better physical therapy results

the north face cap Health officials say to expect more collaboration

A couple of weeks ago, when the national Robert Wood Johnson Foundation released its most recent set of county public health rankings, the news was generally positive for Linn and Benton counties.

Linn County jumped from No. 22 to No. 17 in the overall rankings of Oregon counties for health outcomes. And while Benton County fell from No. 1 to No. 3, it still ranked at or near the top in many of the separate areas that make up the ranking. (See separate story for highlights.)

So when we invited some of the top public health officials in the mid valley talk about the rankings, we expected to hear some success stories from each individual county.

That’s not what we heard. Instead, the health officials insisted that to focus on individual county results is to miss a much bigger story: That in the face of a fundamental transformation in health care in the United States and Oregon, public health officials in Benton and Linn counties are working together as never before.

“There’s so many new linkages, there’s so many new collaborations in the last five years all across the region that people are really excited about and really engaged with and really invested with,” said Charlie Fautin, deputy director of the Benton County Health Department. “That’s what will lead to forward progress.”

The health officers said one big factor driving that collaborative behavior has been a transformation in Oregon health care. In particular, they said, the mid valley’s coordinated care organization, the InterCommunity Health Network CCO, has been a focal point for much of the collaboration. It covers Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid) patients in Benton, Linn and Lincoln counties.

The overall goal of the mid valley CCO and their counterparts in other parts of Oregon is to provide better health care to patients, at a lower cost, by encouraging a team approach to treatment and by emphasizing, preventive care that could forestall or prevent chronic conditions that are more expensive to treat.

“A lot of what you’re going to see happening began probably with the health transformation,” said Frank Moore, the director of the Linn County Department of Health Services, but something else is going on as well, he said: The idea that the health departments in Benton and Linn counties in particular can play to their own strengths and can turn to their counterparts in the other county for assistance when needed.

In addition, the health officials said, the coordinated care organization has paved the way for nearly two dozen joint projects between the counties, all based on improving results on key areas, including access to health care, improving behavioral care, dealing with chronic disease and improving maternal and child health.

“That never would have happened prior to this,” Moore said. And he added that they’re projects that, if successful, “will influence in the long run the outcome indicators in the county health rankings.”

Consider, for example, Moore’s efforts to offer so called “Mental Health First Aid” training in both counties. That work (and related work to train mid valley law enforcement officers about how to better recognize and deal with people suffering from mental health issues) could help to improve the rate of adolescent suicide and suicide attempts, important issues for the mid valley.

For his part, Fautin has offered his expertise on public health issues to programs in Linn County. (“Charlie’s forgotten more about public health than I know,” Moore joked.)

And Mitch Anderson, the director of the Benton County Health Department, continues to work on an effort to offer better and timelier health data for the counties.

Anderson’s hope is that this so called regional health assessment, when up and running in a year or so, will offer officials relatively current information about local health areas that need attention, whether they be sexually transmitted diseases, tobacco use, mental health or whatever. (One of the common complaints health officials have about the Robert Wood Johnson county rankings is that many of the areas measured are using data that, in some cases, are 3 years old or older.)

“If you have this regional health assessment that has the best data possible on the health status of our broad region,” Anderson said, that would allow officials to better decide where to spend their resources. “The more we’re using that,” he said, “the more we’re actually addressing issues based on what the data say the issues are” instead of basing it on subjective judgments.

Such an assessment still would allow officials to work on issues of specific need in their individual counties, Anderson said, but would help to ensure that everybody’s working off the same general game plan.

And to Fautin, that’s the bottom line: “What is the data saying are the problems? What are we being shown? How are we going to measure it? How are we going to know if we’re making any difference? Having that on a regional basis doesn’t mean that everyone has to be in lockstep and have exactly the same priorities but it keeps us rowing in the same direction.”
the north face jeppeson jacket Health officials say to expect more collaboration

the north face hedgehog iv gtx Health of QB Nichols the big question as Bombers head into CFL playoffs

No. 1 quarterback and most outstanding player Matt Nichols did not practice nor play in the final week of the regular season because of a calf injury and there are no guarantees he be ready to go next Sunday when the Bombers host the Edmonton Eskimos in the CFL West Division semifinal.

The harsh reality is there a chance Nichols will not be able to play I call it 50 50 at this point and the Bombers could have to take on the Eskimos with Dan LeFevour at quarterback.

LeFevour started and won Friday night in Calgary as the Bombers took down the Stampeders 23 5, but he managed only 97 yards passing and engineered just three field goal drives.

Seventeen of the Bombers points were created by the defence, with defensive end Tristan Okpalaugo and defensive back Brandon Alexander scoring touchdowns and cover linebacker Kevin Fogg setting up a field goal with an interception.

The Bombers offence managed just 235 yards of offence, the sixth straight game in which it has been largely ineffective.

To be fair, in cold, windy and snowy conditions Friday, the Bombers game plan didn call for any offensive fireworks. This was about managing the game, taking care of the football and letting the defence do its thing.

don want to say Dan was just a game manager, Bombers coach Mike O said. think the weather conditions made it more important to do it that way. The game had to be played like that. the performance isn exactly likely to instil fear in the Bombers next opponent.

The bottom line is Nichols is their best player and unquestioned leader and without him they will have a very difficult time winning, even with a home crowd on their side.

His health will undoubtedly be the talk of practice all week, with daily medical reports carrying far more importance than reps on the field.

The Bombers weren fretting about that on Friday night. They took the opportunity to blow off a little steam after completing the regular season with a 12 6 record and clinching second place in a tough division. The Eskimos also finished 12 6 but the Bombers earned second place by winning both regular season head to head games.

The win over Calgary ended a two game losing streak and at very least puts the Bombers in a better collective headspace heading into the post season.

game is so based on emotion and momentum and having that confidence, said Andrew Harris, who set a CFL record for receptions in a season by a running back with 105.

we definitely instilled a lot of confidence in the group. We definitely built that momentum. a bit difficult to predict what the Bombers will look like in the playoffs.

At times this year, they looked like legitimate Grey Cup contenders. At others, like the entire month of October, they looked like they couldn beat the worst team in the league.

Injuries have been a major factor.

The Bombers won Friday despite playing without Nichols, leading receiver Darvin Adams and top defensive players Moe Leggett and Jamaal Westerman.

They did, at least, have Harris, who leads the league in rushing yards and put up 857 receiving yards. Lions and suffering a suspected concussion.

feel great, Harris said. were no issues. As far as my reactions, I took a couple of shots and I felt great. the Bombers also had LeFevour, who started a CFL game for the eighth time and earned his third win. LeFevour hasn shown much in the passing game, but he can use his legs to pick up yards and at least has experience going for him.

what we called in the game, we executed, LeFevour said. could have done some things better. Coach (Paul LaPolice) did a great job of playing to our strengths, playing to my strengths, understanding the conditions and giving us the best chance to win. That was awesome. will be required from the quarterback position if the Bombers are going to have a chance next week.

Whether it be Nichols or LeFevour, or even deposed No. 2 Dom Davis, 97 yards through the air and a few field goals aren going to cut it.

Maybe the Bombers should hope for snow. That seemed to serve them well in Calgary.

Playing a playoff game at Investors Group Field for the first time in the five year history of the facility should help as well. The Bombers went 6 3 at home this year and are eager to play in front of their own fans in the post season.
the north face cap Health of QB Nichols the big question as Bombers head into CFL playoffs

the north face snow boots health issues

Why doesn’t my cat like catnip?Why doesn’t my cat like catnip?Houseplants vs. your catHouseplants vs. your catBefore adding a touch of nature to your home with houseplants, it’s important to know what types of plants may be harmful to your cat and which are safe.Before adding a touch of nature to your home with houseplants, it’s important to know what types of plants may be harmful to your cat and which are safe. In fact, some plants are extremely poisonous to cats, and others can cause them to become very ill.Pets help homeless youthPets help homeless youthPets may bring many health benefits to homeless children, but they can also make it tougher to find shelter or to use other social services, new Canadian research suggests.Pets may bring many health benefits to homeless children, but they can also make it tougher to find shelter or to use other social services, new Canadian research suggests. With the holidays fast approaching, you want to keep your pets in mind as you begin creating a festive atmosphere.Top pet gifts from around the WebTop pet gifts from around the WebMartin Poole / Digital Vision / Thinkstock7 nifty health benefits of pets7 nifty health benefits of petsMany people like to think of a pet as a furry member of the family; one that is fun to be around and provides companionship.Many people like to think of a pet as a furry member of the family;
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one that is fun to be around and provides companionship. Sure, you could always train our cat to use the toilet (it’s possible, Google it!), but who has the time?You love your cat, but her smelly, messy litter box is the bane of your existence. Sure, you could always train our cat to use the toilet (it’s possible, Google it!), but who has the time?
the north face base camp flip flops health issues