the north face overhead Amarillo Police are Investigating After Man Shot in the Face

Amarillo Police responded to the America Best Value Inn at 3930 East IH 40 on a shooting.

Responding officers found blood on the sidewalk in front of and inside a first floor room on the south side of the motel. They found a handgun and a small baggie of marijuana on the parking lot across the lot from that room. No one that had been involved in the shooting was present.

While officers were investigating, they learned that one of the people involved had been taken to or had driven to a local hospital. He was suffering from what officers believe was a grazing type gunshot wound to the head. It was described as not life threatening in nature.

Responding officers located several people around the motel and were interviewing them about the incident. They developed information that a white car was one of at least two cars that left the motel after the shooting.

Officers located a white car parked north of the hospital. They were attempting to determine if it was used to drive the man suffering from the gunshot to the hospital. His name is not available as his role in the incident is still under investigation.
the north face jeppeson jacket Amarillo Police are Investigating After Man Shot in the Face