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A few weekends ago, I worked on my fall garden. After planting beets, radishes and lettuce, I reached for my next seed packet, carrots but these seeds weren’t just any run of the mill carrots. They were a variety called Little Finger. You see, I was planting my garden the same day that the “Game of Thrones” season 7 finale aired, and I couldn’t help but think: Were these the carrots of choice for Lord Petyr Baelish himself?

Themed gardens have been around practically since people could figure out how to plant things. From kitchen gardens to tea gardens to fairy gardens, themes give gardeners a fun sense of purpose. I thought it would be neat to imagine what a “Game of Thrones” garden might entail.

Start your “Game of Thrones” garden by mapping it out as if it were Westeros. In the North, plant Jon “Snow” peas under the old Stark Delicious apple tree. Or better yet, use some King of the Garden lima beans, because according to Ser Davos Seaworth, Snow has no other title. Represent Lady Sansa Stark with the Fast Lady Northern Southern pea since she has lived in both regions of the land. Because Bran Stark has taken on the new moniker the Three Eyed Raven, plant some Raven summer squash in his honor.

Between your Winterfell veggies, plant the pollinator friendly alyssum. Look for the variety North Face; although it has a name, you may not know which face it will have.

Throw in a row of walla walla onions to represent the northern wall. Then, move south to Dragonstone, where we feature Daenerys Targaryen,
the north face womens arctic parka How to plant a 'Game of Thrones' themed garden
the mother of Purple Dragon carrots. She could also be symbolized with Silver Queen corn for her beautiful, almost white hair.

Then, we have the fan favorite dwarf, Tyrion Lannister in Dragonstone. I found so many types of veggies that could represent the Hand of the Queen that I couldn’t choose just one. From Little Gem or Tom Thumb lettuces to the adorable munchkin pumpkin, the possibilities are endless.

Continuing south, we find ourselves in King’s Landing with the stone faced queen, Cersei Lannister. Because she now sits on the Iron Throne, it’s only fitting that she be represented by the one and only Iron Lady tomato while her brother Jamie, the Kingslayer, can be represented by blood red Warrior beets.

My favorite character, the cheeky and uncouth mercenary turned knight Ser Bronn of Blackwater, is always by Jamie’s side. A Gladiator pumpkin would highlight his no holds barred battle skills.

Many other characters are ripe for the picking in Westeros. Plant Ruby Perfection cabbage for the red priestess, Melisandre. Red Sails lettuce could represent the Iron Islands’ fleet of ships. I would plant Mammoth sunflowers for Brienne of Tarth. And if you wanted to go back in “Game of Thrones” time, Heads Up lettuce is perfect for the beheaded Ned Stark.

It’s fun thinking of different ways to make a themed garden. In fact, writing this piece had me giggling the entire time. With a creative themed garden, not only will you get lots of veggies to enjoy, but as you plant and tend, there’s a funny secret between you and your garden.

How amusing would it be to share that secret with other geeks in your fandom? You might even interest them in planting their own. But better hurry,
the north face womens arctic parka How to plant a 'Game of Thrones' themed garden
winter is coming.