the north face t shirts How To Make Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Here How To Make Frozen Fruit Smoothies

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Frozen fruit smoothies are always a favorite in my kitchen. They are simple to make and are actually good for you. These delicious frozen drinks can be made with all sorts of fruit and of course you can also combine them and make your own personal creations. This is how to make the perfect frozen fruit smoothie. It is very easy.

We start with the equipment. You will need a blender to make good smoothies. No need to buy a special smoothie maker. Any all purpose blender will work. A small, personal blender like the magic bullet is nice to have becasue you can customize each smoothie. Of course regular blenders work just as well, plus you can make more servings at a time.

Frozen fruit comes next. You can create your favorite frozen fruit smoothie with just about any type of fruit or fruit combination. Great fruit to start with is strawberry, peach and banana.

Yogurt makes another great addition to just about any smoothie. It makes the finished smoothie creamier and gives it some good flavor. You can use any type of yogurt. I usually stick to low fat versions to keep the calories in check. Another great option is thicker greek yogurt.

You will also need liquid of some sort to thin things down. Milk, water and juice are popular options. Your smoothie consistency will be determined by how much liquid you add. A good ratio to use is 2 1 1 (frozen fruit yogurt liquid). For a yummy strawberry smoothie blend 2 cups frozen berries with a cup each of milk and low fat vanilla yogurt.

Add more or less liquid until your smoothie gets the consistency you like best. You can also throw in a few ice cubes and blend them into your smoothie

Let talk about blending. Start by blending the fruit and yogurt a litlte, then add your liquid and blend away. If your blender has a pulsing function (most do) use it. It allows any larger piece of fruit to sink back down to the bottom and get chopped up. That way you will end up with a nice smooth smoothie.

Should your blender get to the point where it is having a hard time moving everything around, your smoothie is too thick. Add some more liquid and it will work just fine.

For smoothie recipes that call for ice in it,
the north face hedgehog iii How To Make Frozen Fruit Smoothies
start with the ice and chop it up in your blender before you add the remaining ingredients. This will make sure everything combines well and that you don end up with big ice chunks.

By the way, you don have to stick to just frozen fruit in your smoothie. Feel free to mix both fresh and frozen fruits. For these frozen smoothies you can either buy fruit already frozen at the grocery store, or take your favorite fresh fruit and toss it in the freezer. It is very easy to freezer berries for example. Just put them in a freezer bag and freeze them whole.

Slices of frozen banana make a great addition to just about any fruit smoothie. Just peel your banana and slice it. Put them into a freezer bag and freeze until you need them for a smoothie. Adding them gives your smoothie a nice creamy texture and adds some sweetness as well.

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the north face hedgehog iii How To Make Frozen Fruit Smoothies