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Rooms that receive little sunlight can sometimes present a decorating challenge for homeowners who desire bright and airy interiors. A few decorating tips, however, allow you to make a space look and feel vibrant, large and cheery. With careful attention paid to paint selections, upholstery fabrics, light fixtures and design accessories, any dark room can instantly appear lighter. The result is a space that is warm and inviting despite its lack of natural sunlight.

Walls When sunlight is at a minimum, it is especially important to choose a wall color that is light and warm. Colors such as sunshine yellow, soft white or sand tan can instantly make a room feel brighter. Further the look by adding crisp, white moldings around the doors and windows. Paint the doors a gloss white to match to open up the space and create additional light. Complete the light appearance by painting the ceiling a bright white hue to help reflect the available light in the room and bring the eye up for an illusion of added height as well.

Furniture Choose furniture that has light upholstery or pieces with tan or white slipcovers to maximize the light. Solid colored couches, chairs and fabric ottomans will make any room visually lighter and larger. Select soft goods that have upholstery colors such as light cream, soft tan or cloud white. Sometimes these light colors can become soiled more than darker varieties, so washable slipcovers are a useful choice to maintain lighter styles. Mix in glass topped tables or a mirrored credenza to give the room even more light reflecting properties and style at the same time.

Lighting When there are few windows in a room, lighting becomes vital to the entire look and feel of the space. Add overhead light by hanging a chandelier from a high ceiling. Choose one that harmonizes with the decorating scheme and one that does not have shades to optimize the light. Use task lighting on end tables or a desk. Add light colored fabric shades to make them add abundant light to the space. Fill in the decor with floor uplights in corners behind plants or furniture to add light to the borders of the room for a lighting scheme to brighten up even the darkest spaces.

Mirrors Mirrors help reflect light and make a room feel larger at the same time. In rooms with little sunlight, add a large mirror on the wall above a fireplace, over a sofa or behind a bed to make the room feel lighter. The reflectivity of mirrors makes them a perfect decorating tool when sunlight is at a minimum. Choose styles that complement the design of the room, and if possible, position them opposite a window to reflect the sunlight and the landscape outside. Large mirrors also help emphasize the focal areas of rooms and add decorating style as well.

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