the north face greenland jacket How to Become a Pandora Distributor

Pandora, a jewelry merchandise started in Denmark in 1972, is now a major market brand in more than 22 countries. Pandora distributors buy jewelry directly from the manufacturer and sell to other wholesale dealers, retailers and customers. Pandora’s catalog of jewelry items include charms, bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces and watches. ,
the north face boys jacket How to Become a Pandora Distributor

Step 1Contact Pandora’s group sales assistant executive. Pandora’s business strategy is designed to maintain control over its image and therefore the company selectively uses third party distributors to sell its goods. Whether a third party distributor receives exclusive rights to promote and sell Pandora jewelry depends on distribution and franchise agreements.

Step 2Query for all relevant information. You will require sales tax ID and possibly the employer identification number to start a resale business. Ask a Pandora executive whether you require any other licenses or permits. Mention the geographical area where you want to run the business, and the amount of capital you are willing to invest. Ask whether they require you to provide financial proof to demonstrate the capacity to successfully run a business. If your initial request for distribution rights is well received, you will be directed to further reading material and proper paperwork.

Step 3Apply for a sales tax ID. Also known as resale number or a seller’s permit, the location of your business determines the state in which you apply for sales tax ID. The permit allows you to buys goods in large quantities without having to pay sales tax on items purchased. While filling the sales tax ID form, declare your’s as a limited liability company because you will be selling goods manufactured by a company outside your own venture.

Step 4Get an employer identification number. If you’re hiring one or more workers for your business, you’re required to apply for a federal employer identification number. You can apply for an EIN online on the IRS Internal Revenue Service website or you can ask for mail in form SS4

Step 5Promote your business. As an exclusive distributor of Pandora’s products, you will have permission to showcase Pandora’s catalog of jewelry both online and in print. You might also use their logos and art work. You can also seek help from Pandora in locating and networking with retailers in your area. Offer high quality customer service, build a professional sales order website and maintain a good business relationship with both the clients and the manufacturer.
the north face boys jacket How to Become a Pandora Distributor