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How to Create a Parts Catalog by Gail Cohen; Updated September 26, 2017 Without replacement parts for cars, machinery, equipment and other essentials, the world’s landfill issues would turn from serious to catastrophic. Responsible consumers and companies want to extend the life of the goods they buy.

Step 2Create a rudimentary mock up by importing photos of parts onto the pages of a word processor or page layout program. Alternately, make a simple paper guide to help your art director figure out how many products they’ll be dealing with. Request several cover designs, the inclusion of an order form and allocate a few pages for information about returns and ordering instructions.

Step 4Using key marketing skills, arrange and paginate your catalog. Group clearance parts together, using small photos, sparse copy and elements that are so bold, one glance says “clearance.” Place the image of a part that’s new, bold, novel and/or innovative on the cover. Give your hot sellers positioning on right facing pages specifically, the upper right corner.

Step 5Request the use of no more than three typefaces for your parts catalog. Make certain the fonts fit your target audience as running eight point type in a parts catalog read by seniors, for example, could be catastrophic for sales. Stress the importance of call outs (blue only, high gauge steel, weather resistant). Proof every word to minimize mistakes in the final version and your parts catalog will make the best silent salesman in the world no salary required either.

Tips Like to experiment? Try replacing photos slated for that upper right page hot spot with customer testimonials. These recommendations can convince a catalog reader particularly if they’ve been on the fence.

Four color photos on every catalog page may not necessarily give you the most bang for your buck. Save cash by using four color photos on 50 percent of the catalog pages and two colors for the others a challenging secret catalog designers have used for decades. Her newest book, Christmas Quilt, was published in December 2011.
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