the north face hoodie sale American student detained in North Korea for 17 months

(ABC NEWS) Otto Warmbier, the American student who was imprisoned in North Korea for more than 17 months and was returned home to Ohio last week, has died, his family said Monday.

“It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home,” his family said in part in a statement. Scans showed extensive loss in all regions of Warmbier’s brain, doctors said.

Warmbier, a University of Virginia student, was medically evacuated from North Korea and flown to Cincinnati late last Tuesday. He was then transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

On Monday, the family paid tribute to Warmbier in their emotional statement.

“It would be easy at a moment like this to focus on all that we lost future time that won be spent with a warm, engaging, brilliant young man whose curiosity and enthusiasm for life knew no bounds,” the family’s statement continues. “But we choose to focus on the time we were given to be with this remarkable person. You can tell from the outpouring of emotion from the communities that he touched Wyoming, Ohio, and the University of Virginia to name just two that the love for Otto went well beyond his immediate family.”

The statement also thanked “the wonderful professionals at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center who did everything they could for Otto.”

“When Otto returned to Cincinnati late on June 13th he was unable to speak, unable to see and unable to react to verbal commands. He looked very uncomfortable almost anguished. Although we would never hear his voice again, within a day the countenance of his face changed he was at peace. He was home and we believe he could sense that.”

In a statement, Sen. Rob Portman, R Ohio, called Warmbier a “promising young man.”

“He was kind, generous and accomplished,” Portman said. “He had all the talent you could ever ask for and a bright future ahead of him. His passing today is a loss for Ohio and for all of us. Jane and I are lifting up the Warmbier family in our prayers at this difficult time, and we are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of this remarkable young Ohioan.”
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the north face fleeces American law degree

Douglas Sylvester, dean of the Sandra Day O College of Law at ASU, said the degree came about because he believes that being licensed to practise across borders will be in high demand in the future.are looking for students to come here for three years and go back up to Canada and seek firms that have relationships with businesses and firms here in Phoenix so they can engage in dual licence practice, Mr. Sylvester said.According to Mr. degree that prepares students not only to qualify for practice with any bar in the United States, but also for any course work and/or articling opportunities they might seek in Canada.The three year program offers courses in all 10 core subjects, including the four Canadian subjects required by the National Committee on Accreditation, a standing committee of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. These include Canadian constitutional law,
the north face t shirts American law degree
Canadian criminal law, foundations of Canadian law and Canadian administrative law.But there are caveats. Even though ASU teaches the subjects required by the NCA, students returning to Canada may still need to take additional courses at a Canadian law school or sit for qualifying exams offered by the NCA. do not accept mandatory Canadian subjects taught at schools outside of Canada, said Deborah Wolfe, managing director of the NCA.Lana Driscoll, a senior recruiter at Marsden International, said a Canadian law school should be the first choice for prospective students though the Arizona degree might be a better alternative to schools in other countries. law schools and then return to Canada for work face challenges namely writing the NCA exams and finding an articling job. It one thing if students attend an Ivy League school. But students who attend lesser known schools must be prepared to explain why in job interviews,
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Ms. Sordi said.

the north face usa American Commercial College Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges

On behalf of American Commercial College, Doyle Brent Sheets, the president of the college, pleaded guilty Thursday morning to theft of government funds and aiding and abetting. Attorney’s Office:

The president of American Commercial Colleges, Inc. District Judge Sam R. Cummings, and pleaded guilty personally, and on behalf of ACC, to federal charges. Attorney Sarah R. Salda of the Northern District of Texas made the announcement this afternoon.

Sheets, 58, of Lubbock, Texas, pleaded guilty to an Information charging one count of misprision of a felony. He faces a maximum statutory penalty of three years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine. ACC faces a maximum statutory penalty of five years probation, a $500,000 fine, or up to twice the gross gain or loss resulting from the offense. Judge Cummings ordered presentence investigation reports with sentencing dates to be set following the completion of those reports.

According to Sheets plea agreement with the government, ACC stole government funds by converting Federal Student Aid (FSA) program funds, and thus caused a loss to the government of approximately $972,794. Sheets admitted that he knew about the theft but did not report it, and he agreed that he would be personally, individually, jointly and severally liable for the total loss amount.

According to ACC plea agreement with the government, ACC is excluded, directly and indirectly from participating in any FSA programs. This voluntary exclusion is also a voluntary debarment, and ACC will not contest any actions taken to execute the debarment. ACC agrees that it will not have any ownership or interest in, or serve as an officer, director or any legal entity acting as a post secondary educational institution participating in any FSA program.

Two others associated with ACC have also been charged, in Informations filed on May 19, 2014, with federal offenses. Michael James Otto,
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61, of Lubbock, who served as the Chief Operating Officer and Campus Director for ACC Lubbock campus, is charged with one count of misprision of a felony. Bruce Alan Reed, 64, of San Angelo, Texas, who served as the Campus Director for ACC San Angelo campus is charged with the same offense.

ACC is a proprietary institution with corporate office in Lubbock. At one time, ACC operated five campuses in Texas Lubbock, Abilene, Odessa, San Angelo and Wichita Falls and one in Shreveport, Louisiana. Department of Education that it was in compliance with the requirement that a proprietary institution may not derive more than 90% of its revenue from the FSA program to remain eligible to participate in the FSA program. The remaining 10% of revenue must come from other sources. This is known as the 90/10 Rule, and if an institution did not satisfy it, it would lose its eligibility to participate in the FSA programs.

In 2007, 2008 and 2009, ACC failed to meet the requirements of the 90/10 Rule, however, as early as 2003, ACC had devised a scheme to represent falsely to the Department of Education that it had met the requirements. From 2007 2009, ACC had students obtain private loans from a private bank in San Angelo, Texas, with whom ACC had made arrangements, of approximately $953,897. ACC recorded the loan funds received from the private bank as cash, thus falsely representing to the Department of Education that ACC complied with the 90/10 Rule. By obtaining the loans from the private bank and delaying the students FSA program funds, ACC lowered their total FSA program funds revenue for the 90/10 Rule. ACC repaid and intended to repay those loans with approximately $972,794 of FSA program funds to give the appearance of complying with the 90/10 Rule. The private short term loans were obtained entirely to benefit ACC so that it could falsely represent its compliance. To further the scheme, ACC employees advised students that the school would close if they did not satisfy the 90/10 Rule, and this would jeopardize the students education at ACC.
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the north face bones beanie America’s Steepest Slopes Evoke Sheer Rapture In Downhillers

While practically every major resort has several runs that qualify as ”gut busters,” there are eight ski areas in North America that excel in steep runs.

What makes these mountains so difficult? What are some of their toughest and most pulsating runs?

Every skier beginner, intermediate and expert who arrives at Taos is immediately transfixed by a ski run that seemingly plunges into the parking lot.

Cascading like a giant waterfall over a series of cliffs and hip deep moguls, it is not for mere mortals. It is so steep that it plummets 1,800 vertical feet in less than a mile. Possessing all the glamour of a white mantled elevator shaft, it is North America’s third steepest run.

Taos sends blood pressures soaring because more than half its trails are expert.

For a tuneup, there are thrillers named Snakedance, Inferno, Lorelei, Valkyries, Reforma and Blitz.

The ultimate experience occurs each February and March. That’s when alpine guides lead skiers high above the lifts into a 12,500 foot, north facing bowl called Kachina. The chutes here are for skiers with paid up accident insurance.

Due north of Taos is a Colorado blockbuster called Telluride. Hidden away in the San Juan Range of the rambunctious Rockies, Telluride is a mountain of mammoth dimensions 24 miles of trails, a 3,105 foot vertical drop and an abundance of steep, moguled and demanding expert runs.

Two of the continent’s longest and most challenging bump runs are The Plunge and Spiral Stairs. At one point, Spiral Stairs has a continuous face with a 2,400 foot vertical fall. Unrelenting, both trails lead right into the old mining town.

Telluride cuts the bumps on The Plunge and Spiral Stairs only four times each season. In between, the moguls get so deep they could hide a Volkswagen bus. Other exceptional black diamond trails are Zulu Queen, Apex Glade and Allais Alley.

While Telluride’s steeps are longer, Vail offers hotdog skiers a superb Rocky Mountain high.

Indeed, Vail mesmerizes the expert with a staggering number of choices bump runs, steep trails and deep powder. After testing your skill on any of the expert terrain, you’ll need the subsequent quad chairlift ride to relax your leg muscles and to count your blessings.

For bumps, the superstar is Prima. Not far behind are Pronto, Log Shoot, Highline, Blue Ox and Roger’s Run. Super steep are Tourist Trap and South Rim Run. Vail’s powder havens are Sundown Bowl and Sun Up Bowl, with Yonder excelling as Vail’s toughest deep powder trail.

Snowbird, 30 miles from Salt Lake City, is the Tomorrowland of skiing. Everything is oversized, futuristic and sleek.

The mountain is awesome.

As you walk out of your high rise condo in Little Cottonwood Canyon, the slopes tower 3,100 perpendicular feet above your bulging eyeballs; it’s like standing at the base of a skyscraper that’s nearly three times taller than New York City’s 110 story World Trade Center.

Snowbird’s supersized 125 passenger cable car is the gateway to a memorable run named Regulator Johnson. Some skiers get nosebleeds just looking at it. And when the powder is dry, deep and soft, the kamikaze skiers head for the half dozen chutes that drop off the ridges to the cable car’s right at 11,100 feet.

Your legs must be resilient to survive the constant jarring on Blackjack, lower Silver Fox and lower Primrose, the prime bump runs.

However, mention the word ”steep” and chances are that every ski aficionado in the 50 states will think of Jackson Hole.

Located off the beaten track in Wyoming’s northwestern corner, Jackson Hole is a giant. At 4,136 feet, it has the greatest vertical drop in the United States. Moreover, the massive mountain excels in runs that are chin busters, gut suckers and world beaters.

Its most terrifying trail is Corbett’s Couloir. You have to jump off a cornice to reach the run. Depending on the snowpack, the jump can be a few feet onto a 40 degree pitch. Or 15 feet onto a 50 degree slope. One mistake and it’s lights out.

Jackson attracts expert skiers because it abounds in mammoth powder playgrounds like Rendezvous Bowl and long, steep descents like Gros Ventre and North Hoback. Surprisingly, moguls are strictly in the minority at Jackson Hole.

North Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, is the most consistently steep resort in California’s High Sierra.

Some ex Olympic racers rate Squaw as America’s meanest mountain.

Any runs down the slopes of KT 22 appear to defy gravity. But if you’re seeking real life nightmares, try High Sun Bowl, 75 Chute, North Bowl, National Chute and West Face.
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black the north face jacket America wants to forget victims who fell from Twin Towers

Almost all of them jumped alone, although eyewitnesses talked of a couple who held hands as they fell.

One woman, in a final act of modesty, appeared to be holding down her skirt. Others tried to make parachutes out of curtains or tablecloths, only to have them wrenched from their grip by the force of their descent.

The fall was said to take about ten seconds. It would vary according to the body position and how long it took to reach terminal velocity around 125mph in most cases, but if someone fell head down with their body straight, as if in a dive, it could be 200mph.

When they hit the pavement, their bodies were not so much broken as obliterated.

Nothing more graphically spells out the horror of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers than the grainy pictures of those poor souls frozen in mid air as they fell to their deaths, tumbling in all manner of positions, after choosing to escape the suffocating smoke and dust, the flames and the steel bending heat in the highest floors of the World Trade Centre.

And yet, tragically, they are in many ways the forgotten victims of September 11. Even now, nobody knows for certain who they were or exactly how many they numbered. Perhaps worst of all, surprisingly few even want to know.

From the earliest days after the 9/11 attacks, the American establishment and the media showed an overwhelming reluctance to dwell on those who jumped or fell from the Twin Towers.

If this was simply down to qualms at being considered intrusive or voyeuristic when individuals in the most appalling circumstances chose in desperation to die very publicly, it would be understandable.

But there are other, more complicated, reasons. In the aftermath of this attack on America’s sovereign territory a period of intense patriotism some considered that to choose to die rather than be killed showed a lack of courage.

And in this country of intense religious fervour, many believe that to be a ‘jumper’ was to choose suicide rather than accept the fate of God and suicide in whatever circumstances is considered shameful or, indeed, a sin that will send you to Hell.

At the office of the New York chief medical examiner, a spokesman said this week that they did not consider these people ‘jumpers’. She insisted they fell from the 1,350ft tall, 110 floor skyscrapers, for jumping would imply suicide.

‘Jumping indicates a choice, and these people did not have that choice,’ she said. ‘That is why the deaths were ruled homicide, because the actions of other people caused them to die. The force of explosion and the fire behind them forced them out of the windows.’

For those who have discovered that their loved ones may have been among the estimated 200 or more who plunged to their deaths, this uncomfortable official reticence can only compound the suffering they have already endured.

University administrator Jack Gentul cannot possibly imagine his late wife’s torment before she died. Alayne Gentul, mother of two and the 44 year old vice president of an investment company, was in the South Tower and had gone up to the 97th floor to help evacuate staff after the other tower was hit. In her final moments, she rang Jack to say in labouring breaths that smoke was coming into her room through vents.

‘She said “I’m scared”,’ he tells me quietly. ‘She wasn’t a person who got scared, and I said, “Honey, it’ll be all right, it’ll be all right, you’ll get down”.’

Alayne Gentul’s remains were found in the street outside the building across from the tower sufficiently far from the rubble to suggest she had jumped. Mr Gentul, who has since remarried, is not convinced she took that option but is clearly irked that some believe jumping was some sort of cop out.

‘She was a very practical person who would have done whatever she could to survive,’ he explains in a quiet voice. ‘But how can anyone know what one would do in a situation like that, having to choose how you go from this Earth?’

The notion that she jumped is, indeed, consoling to Mr Gentul in some ways, in that she exercised an element of control over her death.

‘Jumping is something you can choose to do,’ he says. ‘To be out of the smoke and the heat, to be out in the air, it must have felt like flying.’

On the clear, blue morning of 9/11, investment banker Richard Pecarello watched from his office on the other side of the river as the second plane hit. His fiance Karen Juday was working as an administrator at bond traders Cantor Fitzgerald in the North Tower.

He tried to phone her but there was no answer, and for days and weeks after he looked at photographs on the internet and wondered if she had jumped. She was vain about her face and used anti wrinkle cream, and he was certain she would have jumped rather than face the flames.

Mr Pecarello, 59, made contact with Associated Press photographer Richard Drew, who had captured images of many of the jumpers, and asked to look through his archives. He saw a couple of photographs of a woman in cream trousers and blue top which he is convinced were of Karen.

‘There was one of her standing in a window with flames behind her and one of her falling from the building,’ Mr Pecarello says. ‘It made me feel she didn’t suffer and that she chose death on her terms rather than letting them burn her up.’

He has no time for suggestions that she took the easy way out. ‘The people who died that day weren’t soldiers. They were everyday people parents and housewives and brothers and sisters and children,’ he says in his gruff Brooklyn accent. They go by the official version, that nobody jumped.

In fact, nobody liked talking about the jumpers.

Unofficial estimates put the number of jumpers at around 200, but it is impossible to say for certain because their bodies were indistinguishable from others after the collapse of the Towers. The official account is that nearly all 2,753 victims in the Twin Towers attack officially died from ‘blunt impact’ injuries.

Ten years on, more than 1,000 have yet to be identified from remains. They were vaporised in the inferno.
the north face recon America wants to forget victims who fell from Twin Towers

the north face resolve America is not out of options on North Korea

With tensions continuing to build between the United States and North Korea, there’s growing talk by politicians and TV pundits that we are on the brink of war. In truth, we shouldn’t be anywhere close.

This increasingly hot war of words including loose talk about the probability of war does nothing to bring us closer to where we need to be on North Korea, especially when military options short of war remain on the table. In fact, with millions of lives at stake, waging a war of words is a distraction from the serious task at hand. Any kind of war especially nuclear war should not be an option until all other options are exhausted. And, in the case of North Korea, there are several roads not yet taken.

First, North Korea is not, as some claim, “sanctioned out.” We are nowhere near to applying the same type of restraints on North Korea that were successful in bringing Iran to the negotiating table.

In fact, the breadth of sanctions we have placed on North Korea to date are far less than what was applied in earlier crises on Russia, Syria and Iran. While our sanctions on North Korea have clearly escalated, we still have the option to penalize and seize the assets of North Korea’s enablers in other countries that enable Pyongyang to evade the full brunt of financial measures. We can expand our focus on shipping and work with our allies to deny maritime insurance to the vessels heading to or from North Korea. Last month,
the north face arctic parka America is not out of options on North Korea
we targeted sanctions on 20 such vessels. Many more North Korean vessels are active and engaged in illicit activities beyond the small number designated by the Treasury Department.

We also can do more to expose those who use North Korean slave labor and to block any remittances back to Kim Jong Un’s regime.

We are nowhere near to applying the same type of restraints on North Korea that were successful in bringing Iran to the negotiating table.

Second, none of this will work without more pressure to hold the reluctant Chinese government accountable for the commitments it has made and to target more Chinese entities that support the North Korean government. sanctions, much of this economic activity continues. assets.

This year, the international banking transaction network, known as SWIFT, moved to prevent North Korean banks from using the global messaging system to facilitate international transactions, but that doesn’t impact Chinese banks that transact for the North Koreans. We should consider expanding this ban to include Chinese banks with any North Korean connections.

Finally, we need to ask: Where are our allies on all of this? Instead of threatening a bilateral war between the United States and the North Korea, we should be working with allies. Any kind of war especially nuclear war should not be an option until all other options are exhausted. And, in the case of North Korea, there are several roads not yet taken. including South Korea and Japan Any kind of war especially nuclear war should not be an option until all other options are exhausted. And, in the case of North Korea, there are several roads not yet taken. to threaten increased multilateral pressure to choke the North Korean regime.

With millions of lives hanging in the balance, the last thing we need is to have politicians and pundits predicting odds on the probability of war. It’s neither an accurate nor a helpful way to treat a complex international challenge.
the north face arctic parka America is not out of options on North Korea

the north face ladies Amendment to ARRL DXCC Rules will expand DXCC list

The ARRL Board of Directors approved a motion to amend the DXCC Rules, when it met January 19 20. Section II, Subsection 1 of the DXCC Rules now will include a new Subsection (d): The entity has a separate IARU member society and is included on the US State Department Independent States in the World”The discussion during the Board meeting and the rule change did not address any specific entity,” ARRL Radiosport Manager Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, said. “The amendment could allow some additions to the current DXCC List of entities. It’s a good thing not only for DXCC but for all active hams.”

In fact, the Republic of Kosovo (Z6) has been added to the DXCC List of current entities,
the north face clearance Amendment to ARRL DXCC Rules will expand DXCC list
increasing the total number of current DXCC entities to 340. The addition of Kosovo raises to 331 the required number of current entities confirmed to qualify for DXCC Honor Roll; Top of Honor Roll is 340. DXCC award accounts are being tabulated to reflect the change.

This change qualifies as an “event,” effective on January 21, 2018, at 0000 UTC. Nothing is retroactive.

A new Logbook of The World (LoTW) TQSL configuration file (v.11.4) will be released on January 23. TQSL will detect when this file has been released and will install the update automatically. Radio Amateurs outside of Kosovo should continue to upload their logs to LoTW in the usual manner. LoTW users within Kosovo (either with a Z6 call sign or reciprocal call sign Z6/home call sign) will use TQSL to request a new call sign certificate for their call sign. The request will use Republic of Kosovo as the DXCC entity, and the QSO Begin date will be January 21 or later. LoTW will reject call sign certificate requests for the Republic of Kosovo with a QSO Begin date prior to January 21.

SHRAK Headquarters station Z60A now is active on several bands with multiple guest operators. Club Log will be used for this activation, while QSLs are via OH2BH.
the north face clearance Amendment to ARRL DXCC Rules will expand DXCC list

the north face outlet store AMD Radeon R9 295X2 8GB Video Card Review at 4K Ultra HD

Far Cry 3 is an open world first person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is the sequel to 2008 Far Cry 2. The game was released on December 4th, 2012 for North America. Far Cry 3 is set on a tropical island found somewhere at the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. After a vacation goes awry, player character Jason Brody has to save his kidnapped friends and escape from the islands and their unhinged inhabitants.

Far Cry 3 uses the Dunia Engine 2 game engine with Havok physics. The graphics are excellent and the game really pushes the limits of what one can expect from mainstream graphics cards. We set game title to 2x MSAA Anti Aliasing and ultra quality settings.

Far Cry 3 appears to be like most of the other games we are using to test video cards and uses up about 20% of the processor and is running on multiple cores.

Benchmark Results: The AMD Radeon R9 295X2 averaged 46.6 FPS and the PowerColor PCS+ Radeon R9 290X averaged 24.1 FPSin FarCry 3, so you can certainly see that doubling up GPUs certainly doesn hurt performance.

Benchmark Results: The gameplay felt pretty good on the AMD Radeon R9 295X2, but there was a decent drop in the first portion of the benchmark that hit both the CrossFire and SLI setups that you could sense in the game. The performance of both single GPU setups was relatively smooth and you can see that there was much more fluctuation with the dual GPU setups.
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the north face ski Ambulance Delays In The North East This Winter

New NHS England figures laid bare the pressures experienced by the health service between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve, including unprecedented demand on its 111 hotline.

A weekly operational update showed that 4,734 emergency patients suffered long waits to be seen in A soaring from 2,413 people in the week before.

A total of 16,893 patients endured ambulance delays of more than 30 minutes over the Christmas stretch up from 11,
the north face apex Ambulance Delays In The North East This Winter
852 the previous week to a record high for this winter.

In the North East 651 patients had to wait more than half an hour that’s 13% of all ambulances called in our region in that time.

It comes as hospitals across the country struggle to meet the strains placed on services over the season.

Non emergency calls to the NHS hotline reached a record high in the week ending December 31, the latest data shows.

Calls to the 111 service shot up 21% on the previous week to 480,400 the most received in a single week since it was created.

Bed occupancy rates climbed as high as 93.5% on New Year’s Eve, up from 86.7% on Christmas Day, according to the data,
the north face apex Ambulance Delays In The North East This Winter
with an average of 91.7% across the week.

the north face women Ambulance Agencies Compromising in North Boone

“North Boone 3 does a great job at what they do; they’re a great resource and we to work together with everybody,” says Costanza. “We have to follow the structure that’s put in place by us and the comments I’ve made is we will continue to follow the law and the protocols.”

North Boone Fire District 3 says acting as Carpon’s backup is likely the only thing they can do because Capron has jurisdiction and they hope to hammer out an intergovernmental agreement soon.

We heard from sources that North Boone fire leaders walked out of the early morning negotiation with Capron Rescue Squad. We asked North Boone if it’s true, and they said while they didn’t say good bye to the Capron Rescue Squad in person, they didn’t walk out and are determined to come to an agreement on how they can help serve the area.

UPDATE: BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) North Boone Fire leaders say they need to clear the air as they continue to fight to expand their ambulance services.

The North Boone Fire District No. 3 and Capron Rescue Squad say they’re working on an agreement, avoiding a legal dispute determining who can offer ambulance service in Poplar Grove.

Capron filed an injunction against North Boone Fire District 3 earlier this year, but dropped the lawsuit earlier this week when both sides agreed to discuss North Boone’s role in offering ambulance services moving forward.

Those discussions have yet to take place but are scheduled for January 8th of next year.

“It’s a little disturbing that we got so much friction from the Rescue Squad,” said North Boon Fire District No. 3 board president Ray Morse. “They want us to come to a joint agreement where we’ll be happy, they’ll be happy and we can work together and that’s all we wanted to do is work together.”

BOONE COUNTY (WIFR) A plan to put more ambulances on the road, which could mean quicker responses in emergencies, has been put on hold.

The Capron rescue squad filed an injunction to stop the formation of the North Boone Fire Protection Number Three’s Ambulance Squad. Capron Rescue says the fire district needed to put a referendum on the ballot which didn’t happen.

“We’re not against the fire department starting ambulance service the way the law is interpreted by our lawyer they need to go to referendum before starting an ambulance service. We felt they didn’t do that, they didn’t take the proper steps,” said Capron Rescue Squad Board President Owen Costanza.

The Capron Rescue Squad has been around since the late 1950’s and is funded through taxes. The board’s president, Owen Costanza says people who live within the Fire District would have to vote whether to pay an additional tax for that new ambulance service. However, when it comes down to it, Costanza says his squad has no problem handling the nearly 70 runs each month.

Terry Logan’s bar, The Stumble Inn is right next to one of the stations and say she doesn’t think there are enough calls to warrant the need for two companies.

“I don’t know exactly how much these folks are utilized but without knowing that, I just don’t see another, I just don’t see the need,” said Logan.

We spoke with the fire chief who didn’t want to comment.

We’re told the Capron Squad is willing to work with the Fire District and Costanza says he has a standing offer for the Fire District to have an ambulance assist the squad when they’re overwhelmed with calls. The Capron Squad already works with three other ambulance services for those situations.
the north face pants Ambulance Agencies Compromising in North Boone