the north face vault backpack Audio of couple having noisy sex becomes Internet hit

Lee Moore, fed up with having to endure a sleepless night while sexual giants romped all night in a flat two floors below his, produced a 26 second audio of the couple.

(Warning: Sexually explicit audio)

But strangely, Moore, after he had posted the audio clip online and informed the couple of his action with a note, now worries that the couple may seek revenge. Daily Mail reports he said nervously: “He sounds like a pretty big guy from the noise she was making. He probably wouldn’t be very happy with me.”

Yet Moore had felt compelled to do something after the racket generated by the enthusiastic sex kept him awake for an hour. The Sun reports Moore said: “The racket went on for an hour. It was so loud! I went on the balcony to see where the screams were coming from. The woman in the apartment below was shouting at them to either shut their windows or shut up. My windows were shut but I could still hear them clear as a bell. I just had to put this up to shame them.”

After Moore had posted the audio online, he left a note to the couple in the lobby of the apartment block with a link to the recording: “To the people that kept me up all night, having sex. Shut your windows next time! You are now on the Internet for all to hear!
the north face upland Audio of couple having noisy sex becomes Internet hit

The x rated audio clip has attracted more than a million views after it was posed to YouTube and Soundcloud. The Sun reports Moore explained to curious viewers online: “Well, when the woman yelled ‘shut the f up or shut your window,’ she kinda shut up for a few minutes. But then started going at it again. I could tell it was real. I think I might have met her in the lift as well.”

Daily Mail reports the note to the couple Moore left in the lobby was torn down, but he posted a picture of the note to his Twitter page.

Both the note and the audio clip went viral after a friend posted them to web forums, Daily Mail reports.

Lee used his mobile phone to record the sex noise. The audio clip captures the ear splitting rapturous vocals of a woman in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy.

Online comments suggest that noisy orgasmic women are not as uncommon as one may think. At least three comments on the Mirror claimed similar experience.

Justin Cayse writes: “That’s nothing compared to the couple that live in Bearwood Road in the West Midlands, her ear splitting screeches are something between monkey noises and opera! And the fights they have aren’t much better.”

Gail Nagle inquires: “They don’t by any chance live in or near Manchester do they? Because I had neighbors who also did this, frequently lol.”

A Daily Mail reader comments: “When staying in hotels we’ve experienced this and usually slip a note under their door. thanking them for the night’s entertainment.!”

Other commenters have suggested that Moore’s action might have been motivated by jealously for the “big man” who was “getting it.” Rachael on Daily Mail says: “Just jealous he isn’t getting any haha!”

But a commenter astutely considers the possibility that the couple might be faking it,
the north face upland Audio of couple having noisy sex becomes Internet hit
possibly for attention: “This just sounds like an overdone fake orgasm to scream that loud where you are affecting people that far away it is obviously overdone.”