the north face outlet online Auburn man accused of striking officer with bucket seeks treatment from VA

AUBURN An Auburn man accused of assaulting an officer after an alleged road rage incident may receive psychiatric treatment.

James Knight, of 9 Perry St., Apt. 1, appeared Tuesday morning in Cayuga County Court to face an an 11 count indictment charging him with striking an Auburn police officer in the face with a five gallon bucket and threatening a couple with a collapsible baton.

After a short conference, Fandrich remanded Knight to the Cayuga County Jail without bail explaining that Knight is seeking to be admitted for psychiatric care at a secure Veterans Affairs’ treatment facility near Saranac Lake. If Knight makes it through the admission process, Fandrich said he would consider releasing Knight for treatment.

Quietly nodding after hearing Fandrich’s decision, Knight was escorted out of the courtroom. on Saturday, Dec. 6.

According to police, Knight followed another vehicle to Generations Bank on North Seward Avenue. Reportedly angry about a traffic related incident, Knight allegedly pulled up next to the vehicle and started to shout at the passengers.

Police said Knight then got out of his car armed with a baton and hit the hood of the couple’s car with the baton and his fists.

When police arrived on scene, Knight was reportedly driving away from the bank.

Knight was pulled over near his Perry Street home, where police said he refused to stay in his vehicle. A struggle ensued outside the vehicle escalating when Knight allegedly hit the officer in the face with a bucket.

More officers eventually responded to Perry Street and after unsuccessfully using pepper spray and stun guns arrested Knight.

During his arraignment, Knight pleaded not guilty to two counts of second degree assault and two counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon, all felonies. A Weedsport man denied stealing a co worker’s purse last April and using a stolen debit card to withdraw $300.

Ricky Warner, of Tanner Road, pleaded not guilty to fourth degree grand larceny, fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property and tampering with physical evidence, all felonies. The 28 year old defendant also pleaded not guilty to third degree identity theft and two counts of petit larceny, all misdemeanors.

A Locke woman admitted giving pseudoephedrine to the man who died following a May meth lab explosion.

Amy Walters, of 4932 Chevalier Road, pleaded guilty to second degree manufacturing of methamphetamine, a misdemeanor admitting she gave the medication to Shawn Perreault on April 30, knowing that it would be used in the manufacture of meth.

While Perreault did not tell Walters what he planned to do with the Sudafed, Walters was aware of his intentions.

“I never asked, but I knew,” she said, brushing away tears.

In exchange for her plea, Walters, 41, was promised a sentence ranging from a conditional discharge to three years probation.

Perreault suffered serious burns across his body on May 12 when the meth lab he was operating inside his 5651 Sears Road home exploded setting his Locke trailer on fire. Nine days later, Perreault died.
the north face shops Auburn man accused of striking officer with bucket seeks treatment from VA