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MONDAY’S UPDATE: Atlanta: Hundreds of flights canceled Monday in power outage fallout

SUNDAY’S POST: Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport was hit by a power outage that disrupted flights Sunday at the world busiest airport. ET on Sunday. The airport added that “Georgia Power believes the issue may have involved a fire which caused extensive damage in an underground electrical facility.”

Whatever the cause of the outage, it was snarled flights. That accounted for close to half of the entire day’s flight schedule. And of the flights that had not been canceled, hundreds more were running late. ET, Delta alone had canceled 900 flights and was still deplaning passengers. Atlanta is the busiest hub for Delta, which runs a huge operation there. (Latest updates via WXIA)

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A power outage has impacted several areas in the airport. Customs and Border Protection announced that international flights were being diverted to other airports.

USA TODAY: Power outage suspends flights at Atlanta airportMajor airlines were canceling flights. Southwest Airlines canceled “all but a handful of international flights,” according to an airline spokesperson. ET, between 80 to 100 jets are parked on the taxiways and waiting for gates.

As frequently happens in such cases, passengers took to social media with details of how the issue was playing out. ET.

is out at Atlanta airport and no info being shared with people in the terminals. ET. ET.

It was not immediately clear how many flights were affected, but a prolonged problem could cause major problems at the airport. Atlanta handles more than 270,000 passengers per day, on average.

The airport is a major hub for Delta Air Lines. Southwest, the second busiest carrier there, also has a significant base there. Sunday problems could ripple out and affect flights at other airports, depending on how long it takes to resolve the issue.

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Just landed in ATL and apparently the power is out in the airport so we have to wait on the plane until the airport regains power. This day just keeps getting better
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