the north face ski Attorney General takes issue with Bell ads

A Kenosha man has called for an inquest hearing into the 2004 shooting death of his son, also citing statements from Attorney General Brad Schimel to support his request.

In the past few months, Michael M. Bell has requested the Kenosha County Board to order the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department to investigate the shooting death of his son on Nov.

Along with calling for Kenosha District Attorney Michael D. Graveley to appoint a special prosecutor to hold a public inquest hearing into the shooting of his son, due to what he calls the “unexplained or suspicious circumstances” surrounding it, Bell has also taken out full page ads in local media citing statements from a correspondence that Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel sent out on Dec. 8 to constituents who had reached out to him on the case in order to support his claims of police misconduct.

Schimel, in a letter sent to Bell on Dec. 14, took issue with Bell’s use of snippets of his statements in the Dec. 8 correspondence in the paid advertisements running in papers locally and in other parts of the United States, expressing concern over his statements being taken out of context and the snippets used to “twist my ultimate conclusions into something that I most certainly did not convey.”

“As I conveyed to you during our meeting, it is not possible for any prosecutor to bring charges against any of the officers at this time,” Schimel states. “First, the statute of limitations for any charges relating to your son’s death expired in 2010. I was surprised that you were never told this before, but it is a legal reality and a complete bar to any homicide charge that might apply under the circumstances of the case. You had your civil attorney with you. He has been practicing law for over 40 years. He did not disagree that the statute of limitations expired long before I took office as Attorney General in 2015,” Schimel’s letter reads in part.

In regard to the ads,
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Bell asserts that all of Schimel’s quotes “are delivered completely in context and consistent with the tone and content” of Schimel’s correspondence distributed in response to constituents on Dec. 8, including that his son’s death was tragic, that it was “poorly investigated,” that the Kenosha Police Department may have lied and that there is apparently nothing Schimel can do about it.

Bell also stated his ads include a note to visit the “Plea for a change, the Michael Bell shooting” Facebook page where Schimel’s Dec. 8 correspondence is posted in its entirety.

“The AG is trying to have it both ways: to sound concerned about an obvious miscarriage of justice, but then to not be held accountable for voicing those concerns,” Bell said in an email to the Kenosha News Thursday. “It’s time to stand up. We’re just waiting for that one public official(s) to stand up and do the right thing not just SAY the right thing, but to show some courage and fortitude and DO the right thing.”

The lieutenant possibly believed mistakenly that Bell had wrested away a gun from an officer involved. On orders from the lieutenant, a third officer shot Bell in the head at point blank range. He died as his mother and sister watched from 10 feet away.

So far, all of Bell’s requests on the local and state level to reopen the investigation into his son’s death have been denied.

“Since AG Schimel is reluctant to look at options for this case perjury and beyond our attorneys are looking into it,” Bell said Thursday. “In regards to perjury, all you need to do is look at the landmark case of the police shooting of Daniel Bell in Milwaukee. He was shot in 1958 and the charges occurred in 1979. The officers lied under oath about planting a knife. If the statute of limitations argument Schimel uses is in effect., those officers would have never been charged 21 years after lying.”
the north face gotham jacket Attorney General takes issue with Bell ads