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President Donald Trump says his Treasury Secretary’s comments favoring a weaker dollar were taken out of context. policy of speaking in favor of a strong dollar. and 11 other Pacific Rim nations shortly after taking office. He said he would pursue individual deals with the other countries.

Trump is also trying to re negotiate the three way NAFTA trade deal with Canada and Mexico. can’t secure better terms. president to come to the forum in Davos since Bill Clinton in 2000. He met Thursday with the leaders of Britain and Israel, Theresa May and Benjamin Netanyahu, and was due to give a speech to the forum on Friday.

Later on Thursday he was due to hold a reception with CEOs and other global executives. first lady, who tweeted Thursday that Mrs. Trump toured the memorial near the National Mall in Washington. A statement later said Mrs. Trump was honoring International Holocaust Remembrance Day on Saturday. She was paying respect to 6 million Jews lost in the Holocaust and millions of other victims of the Nazis.

Mrs. Trump said in a statement to the victims and their families that “My heart is with you, and we remember.”

The news media was not given prior notice of the visit.

The first lady had been scheduled to accompany Trump to the World Economic Forum. aid money.

Trump’s decision last year to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital roiled Arab nations and led Palestinians to refuse to meet with Vice President Mike Pence during his visit to the Mideast this week. aid to the Palestinians is “on the table” but they won’t get it “unless they sit down and negotiate peace.”

Trump commented as he opened a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during an economic summit in Davos, Switzerland. Embassy there from Tel Aviv.

President Donald Trump is trying to dispel the notion that he and British Prime Minister Theresa May don’t get along.

Trump says he and May have a “really great relationship, although some people don’t necessarily believe that.” He said it was a “false rumor” and that he wanted to “correct it.”

Trump and May met Thursday during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Trump and May last year traded criticism over Trump’s retweets of a far right group’s anti Muslim videos.

President Donald Trump says he’s bringing a message of “peace and prosperity” to an annual economic summit in the Swiss Alps.
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