ladies the north face jackets Auger is anchor for North Stars

The Thunder Bay North Stars took their first and only lead of the game at exactly the right time 12 players into the shootout to defeat the English River Miners 4 3 on Friday in Superior International Junior Hockey League action at Fort William Gardens.

Recently acquired Kyle Auger scored the game winner high blocker side to secure the win. Auger also scored in the second period.

Dougie Newhouse stopped five of six in the shootout and 35 of 38 shots in regulation and three on three, while Michael Lenko handled 40 of 44 combined shots in the Miners’ net to shoulder the loss.

“I think I had about 14 shots,” said Auger, who had two sparkling chances in overtime. “I guess maybe he (Lenko) knew my shot. I saw the five guys go before me, everyone shot. I was thinking the deke, but I knew no matter how hard it is I knew I could just put it over his blocker there. Looking at other guys and where they shot and we didn’t score so I felt blocker side would be good.”

Thunder Bay erased leads of 1 0, 2 1 and 3 2.

English River opened the scoring midway through the first. Ethan Wong batted in a rebound off Newhouse on a shot from Zak Albers.

Auger scored his first as a North Star, wristing in a point shot that beat Lenko glove side. Auger’s power play marker 20 seconds in came on the first penalty called in three and a half periods of penalty free hockey spanning two games involving the Stars.

English River returned the favour on their first man advantage opportunity. The Miners maintained the zone for an extended period. Michael Di Lullo deflected Kyle Rosolowski’s slap pass to beat Newhouse along the ice for a 2 1 Miners’ edge.

Rosolowski’s stretch pass sent Di Lullo in on a partial breakaway. Newhouse was able to extend his pad to keep it out. At the other end, Brendan Gillis misfired on a good North Star chance late in the second.

Alex Erwin played the puck from behind the net and it deflected off a Miners’ defender to tie the game at 10:42 of the third. Carson Smith picked up the assist.

English River retook the lead at 13:20 of the third. Ryan Patterson’s slap shot from the point through traffic went straight in. Thunder Bay’s Joe Newhouse tied it at 15:52, replicating Patterson’s effort with a point shot slapper of his own to send it into extra time.

Gerrie had and an early chance on three on three and Auger had a pair of good whacks late in the five minute extra session.

“We don’t get to the net enough,
the north face mcmurdo parka Auger is anchor for North Stars
” said North Stars head coach Rob DeGagne.

“We have some great talent, we’ve got some talented guys but eventually you got to get to the dirty areas to score goals. Not all goals are beautiful. The goals we did score were guys going to the net causing some traffic. Joe Newhouse’s goal, and Auger’s first goal Keighan Gerrie went to the front of the net. We got to get to the dirty areas for sure.”

Auger, a Thunder Bay native, started his junior season in Ottawa this year and moved to Moncton.

“Auger’s a talented, talented individual. He’s a young kid too, he’s only 18 years old,” said DeGagne. “The sky’s the limit for him. Maybe he had a slowdown when he went away but maybe he can get his mojo back and we can get him to the next level.”

The North Stars improved to 18 11 3 while English River maintained their .500 pace with a 13 13 4 record.

“We got two, they got one, so we pick up another point on them,
the north face mcmurdo parka Auger is anchor for North Stars
” said DeGagne. “We have to stay ahead of them. We have to beat the teams below us and somehow we have to get to the same level as the guys above us.”

the north face vault backpack Audio of couple having noisy sex becomes Internet hit

Lee Moore, fed up with having to endure a sleepless night while sexual giants romped all night in a flat two floors below his, produced a 26 second audio of the couple.

(Warning: Sexually explicit audio)

But strangely, Moore, after he had posted the audio clip online and informed the couple of his action with a note, now worries that the couple may seek revenge. Daily Mail reports he said nervously: “He sounds like a pretty big guy from the noise she was making. He probably wouldn’t be very happy with me.”

Yet Moore had felt compelled to do something after the racket generated by the enthusiastic sex kept him awake for an hour. The Sun reports Moore said: “The racket went on for an hour. It was so loud! I went on the balcony to see where the screams were coming from. The woman in the apartment below was shouting at them to either shut their windows or shut up. My windows were shut but I could still hear them clear as a bell. I just had to put this up to shame them.”

After Moore had posted the audio online, he left a note to the couple in the lobby of the apartment block with a link to the recording: “To the people that kept me up all night, having sex. Shut your windows next time! You are now on the Internet for all to hear!
the north face upland Audio of couple having noisy sex becomes Internet hit

The x rated audio clip has attracted more than a million views after it was posed to YouTube and Soundcloud. The Sun reports Moore explained to curious viewers online: “Well, when the woman yelled ‘shut the f up or shut your window,’ she kinda shut up for a few minutes. But then started going at it again. I could tell it was real. I think I might have met her in the lift as well.”

Daily Mail reports the note to the couple Moore left in the lobby was torn down, but he posted a picture of the note to his Twitter page.

Both the note and the audio clip went viral after a friend posted them to web forums, Daily Mail reports.

Lee used his mobile phone to record the sex noise. The audio clip captures the ear splitting rapturous vocals of a woman in the throes of orgasmic ecstasy.

Online comments suggest that noisy orgasmic women are not as uncommon as one may think. At least three comments on the Mirror claimed similar experience.

Justin Cayse writes: “That’s nothing compared to the couple that live in Bearwood Road in the West Midlands, her ear splitting screeches are something between monkey noises and opera! And the fights they have aren’t much better.”

Gail Nagle inquires: “They don’t by any chance live in or near Manchester do they? Because I had neighbors who also did this, frequently lol.”

A Daily Mail reader comments: “When staying in hotels we’ve experienced this and usually slip a note under their door. thanking them for the night’s entertainment.!”

Other commenters have suggested that Moore’s action might have been motivated by jealously for the “big man” who was “getting it.” Rachael on Daily Mail says: “Just jealous he isn’t getting any haha!”

But a commenter astutely considers the possibility that the couple might be faking it,
the north face upland Audio of couple having noisy sex becomes Internet hit
possibly for attention: “This just sounds like an overdone fake orgasm to scream that loud where you are affecting people that far away it is obviously overdone.”

the north face winter boots Audi A6 facelift spy shots

facebook twitter google+ emailSubtle visual upgrades, new Matrix LED headlights and hybrid tech for revamped Audi A6 A facelifted version of the Audi A6 has been spotted on test, showing minor cosmetic changes for the both saloon and Avant models. The visual changes might be subtle, but a suite of tech updates under the skin will aim to keep the A6 competitive with the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class.The pictures show a new design of Matrix LED headlights, thought to borrow the anti dazzle feature first seen on the facelifted 2014 A8. Individual LEDs can be switched on or off independently, giving the driver greater illumination ahead without shining main beam directly at oncoming traffic.The main single frame grille and lower intakes have also been revised,
the north face summit series jacket Audi A6 facelift spy shots
sporting a new set of horizontal strakes similar to the Audi A3 e tron hybrid. Updated rear light clusters and a new rear bumper with rectangular tailpipes complete the new look.Hybrid tech will feature in the facelifted A6, too. Audi boss Rupert Stadler confirmed at the 2014 Beijing motor show that a plug in hybrid A6 e tron would be offered in China from 2015, with a roll out to European markets following soon after.The A6 e tron is likely to use a turbocharged petrol engine in tandem with an electric motor to deliver fuel sipping economy. While petrol hybrids suit the Chinese and North American markets, the 2.0 TDI powered A6 Ultra will appeal to European A6 fans, thanks to its claimed potential of 62.8mpg and 114g/km of CO2 emissions.The new Audi A6 is likely to appear in early 2015, along with a lightly revised version of the hotter S6. The revamped S6 is thought gain a 15bhp power boost for the twin turbo 4.0 litre V8 engine,
the north face summit series jacket Audi A6 facelift spy shots
pushing output to 429bhp.

the north face shops Auden’s Interest in Psychological Problems

W. H Auden’s writing is gorgeous, wonderful, moving and touching. Sometimes it is really exciting and even startling. And these words are not enough to describe all the greatness of Auden’s works. And the most interesting thing is that it is not only my opinion.

W. H Auden’s writing is gorgeous, wonderful, moving and touching. Sometimes it is really exciting and even startling. And these words are not enough to describe all the greatness of Auden’s works. And the most interesting thing is that it is not only my opinion. Besides Auden held the chair in poetry at Oxford from 1956 to 1961, and during 1954 1973 he was a Chancellor of The Academy of American Poets. It is really impressing, isn’t it? Auden is considered to be one of the greatest poet of the twentieth century quite deservedly.

Auden’s career can be regarded as a combination of three tendencies. His youthful career in England was closely associated with his political and antiwar sentiments. In his poetry of that period he expressed a socialist viewpoint. It was the time of the breakdown of English capitalist society, and Auden’s first book “Poems”(1930) was focused on it. While living in Germany, Auden became a witness of the rise of nazism, he served in the Spanish Civil War. All those events certainly reflected in his poetry.

This Auden’s writing gives us deep impression by its force, unusual images and words, by its strong feelings. In addition Auden showed a deep concern with psychological problems, he was fond of Freudian psychoanalysis. A lot of his poems were dedicated to that famous person. Such was this doctor: still at eighty he wished to think of our life from whose unruliness so many plausible young futures with threats or flattery ask obedience, but his wish was denied him: he closed his eyes upon that last picture, common to us all, of problems like relatives gathered puzzled and jealous about our dying.

In this kind of Auden’s poems we can feel some difference from his political poems. We feel some ironic wit, more lyric moments and his psychological insight.

The third tendency of Auden’s poetry was connected with Christianity and the theology of modern Protestant theologians. On coming back to America Auden returned to the religion that he studied in youth at Christ Church College. His poetry acquired more romantic,
the north face hedgehog gtx Auden's Interest in Psychological Problems
lighter features. Auden was deeply religious person, and that reflected in his poems where he touched questions of existence, meaning of life, and which made him famous for his breadth of taste.

Appreciating the writing of Wystan Hugh Auden, we can see that the whole his poetry is closely connected with the time he lived. Political, social and cultural events influenced Auden’s works. His living in Germany, Iceland, China, England, America and acquaintance with various political systems, social processes, his witnessing wars, breakdowns of societies made Auden write political poems in order to express his viewpoints, sentiments, intellectual interests.

Auden’s interest in psychological problems, in particular in Freudian psychoanalysis can be explained by the wide popularity of psychology in 20 century, especially of psychoanalysis. And his returning to religion in his poetry is connected with his strong Christian faith,
the north face hedgehog gtx Auden's Interest in Psychological Problems
his culture. Auden is worth being admired for his ability to incorporate in his work popular culture and current events. Auden was a man of the vast range of intellect and remarkable wit.

mens the north face Auburn veteran faces prison after admitting he menaced couple

AUBURN James Knight said his memories of the day he struck a police officer with a bucket and threatened a couple with a baton are vague.

Despite the haze clouding the incident, the 29 year old Auburn veteran who reportedly wrangles with addiction and wounds suffered during his two tours in Iraq does not doubt that he committed the crimes.

Knight pleaded guilty Tuesday morning in Cayuga County Court to second degree assault and third degree criminal possession of a weapon. The two felony pleas satisfied the other charges on his 11 count indictment.

“I’m not contesting any of the (district attorney’s) statements or the indictment before me,” he said.

If he successfully completes inpatient treatment, Knight faces serving four years in prison and five years of post release supervision.

In the months following his Jan. 6 arraignment, Knight has appeared in court multiple times as attorneys and advocates worked to find him a secure treatment center for veterans. Simon Moody, Knight’s attorney, told Judge Mark Fandrich on Tuesday that his search had been frustratingly fruitless.

Moody said there are no secure treatment centers for veterans in the Northeast, a situation he called “tragic.” However, he said he was positive Knight would not abscond from the non secure treatment center he will soon be transferred to.

“I have confidence, having spent a considerable amount of time with my client, that he will comply,” Moody said.

With the plea agreement on the record,
the north face gilet womens Auburn veteran faces prison after admitting he menaced couple
Knight moved forward.

Although he said he can’t completely remember what happened on Dec. 6, 2014, Knight admitted using a collapsible baton a baton he noted is also carried by local officers to threaten a couple. Knight had followed the couple to Generations Bank on North Seward Avenue.

After using the baton and his fists to dent the vehicle, Knight drove away from the bank and toward his 9 Perry St., Apt. 1 home.

An Auburn Police Department officer pulled Knight over on Perry Street following the road rage incident. Knight got out of his vehicle and argued with the officer striking the officer in the face with a plastic bucket when the officer attempted to arrest him.

The assault split the officer’s chin and required stitches.

While efforts to subdue Knight with pepper spray and a Taser initially failed, the eight officers who responded to the scene were eventually able to take Knight into custody. He reportedly possessed synthetic marijuana and a sword at the time of his arrest.

Jamar Coger apologized for multiple reasons at sentencing including for helping fuel Cayuga County’s heroin epidemic.

Coger, 28, also apologized to his family and son, stating he would have to earn back his reputation after selling and possessing heroin. The Auburn man asked for a treatment based sentence, stating his stint in the Cayuga County Jail had helped lead him “from the path of destruction.”

Coger was sentenced to 4 1/2 years in prison and two years of post release supervision for two counts of third degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and one count of third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, all felonies.

In lieu of a surcharge, he agreed to forfeit the $652 in cash discovered in his Scottish Inn Suites room on June 11,
the north face gilet womens Auburn veteran faces prison after admitting he menaced couple
2014. The Finger Lakes Drug Task Force also found a pit bull puppy and 237 individually packaged bags of heroin in Coger’s Grant Avenue room.

the north face jackets kids Auburn University Entomology and Plant Pathology

Caterpillars are larvae (the forms) of insects in the order Lepidopterathe butterflies, skippers, and moths. In number of species known, Lepidoptera is the second largest of all insect orders. Consequently, caterpillars are numerous; more than 11,000 species occur in North America, with over 5,000 species in the eastern United States alone. Most caterpillars are plant feeders. They occur on a wide variety of plants, and many are serious pests. Caterpillars are among the most common of all insect forms found on foliage of forest, shade, and ornamental trees.

The typical caterpillar has a distinct head and a cylindrical body composed of thirteen segments. The anterior three body segments constitute the thorax, and each thoracic segment bears a pair of jointed legs. The remaining ten segments make up the abdomen. Typically, abdominal segments three, four, five, six, and ten each bears a pair of unjointed, fleshy projections called prolegs. In some caterpillar groups, however, prolegs may be absent (slug caterpillars) or occur only on segments five, six, and ten or six and ten (loopers). Prolegs are equipped with rows or circles of small hooks called crochets which aid caterpillars in crawling and clinging to surfaces.

Caterpillars come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Some species are bare, others sparsely to densely clothed with fine setae (hairs); some are drab, others brightly multicolored; some have smooth bodies, others bear one to many tubercles, bristles, spines, and/or horn like projections. Within the group are found some of the largest and most striking representatives of our native insects. Also, within the group are found CATERPILLARS THAT caterpillars do not sting in the familiar manner of bees, yellowjackets, hornets, and wasps (Order Hymenoptera). In the bee wasp group, females (only females sting) are equipped with venom glands and stingers (modified ovipositors) with which they penetrate skin and introduce venom. Among the lepidopterans, neither the adult nor the caterpillar possesses this type of sting apparatus. Instead, stinging caterpillars bear specialized nettling or urticaceous setae or spines. These structures are hollow and contain toxins from poison gland cells to which they are joined. These are primarily defensive structures for protection of caterpillars from predators and other enemies. The sting inflicted on humans is not from a deliberate attack by the caterpillar, but the result of contact, usually inadvertent, with toxin bearing setae or spines. When brushed against, these structures break away, releasing toxins. In some cases, broken setae may penetrate the skin; in others, toxins spill out to spread on the surface of the skin.

Reactions to contact vary and include: slight to intense nettling, stinging, itching, or burning sensations; development of dermatitis, rash, lesions, or pustules; inflammation, swelling, and numbness at or around the area of contact; fever and nausea; and, in some cases, intense pain. The type of reaction depends on the species of caterpillar, degree of contact, type of toxin, and susceptibility of the individual. Reactions may be especially severe for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin.

The irritation usually results from direct contact with a live caterpillar. However, in some species, urticating setae may retain nettling capabilities for some time after death of the caterpillar. Molted skins and silk cocoons bearing toxic hairs from last stage larvae may also cause nettling if handled. Nettling caused by contact with dead caterpillars, cast skins, and cocoons is generally milder than that produced by live caterpillars.

Many species of caterpillars are variously armed or clothed with setae and spines; however, only a relative few actually possess venomous or urticating structures. Thus, there are and harmless and distinguishing one from the other solely on appearance is difficult. Determining which is which by personal bio assay is foolproof but could be foolhardy and painful.

During years of study of tree insects at the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, several species of urticating caterpillars have been encountered and identified. Represented are nine families that contain one or more species known, or reported, to be urticaceous or otherwise capable of causing irritating reactions on contact with human skin. The following is offered as a guide to recognition of stinging caterpillars found on Alabama trees. The head is hidden within the thorax; thoracic legs are reduced; and prolegs are modified to sucker like lobes without crochets. Movement is slow, gliding, slug like. Most species tend to be solitary feeders, and seldom occur in sufficient abundance to cause serious loss of tree foliage. Several species of slug caterpillars possess urticating setae or spines. Its conspicuous form and markings make it nearly unmistakable, even in the early stages of development. The full grown caterpillar is about 1 inch long. The anterior and posterior areas of the body are dark brown with prominent brown that bear numerous spines. The middle of the body is green. The green area has a white or cream margin and a large oval to oblong dark brown spot in the center, also with white margin. The appearance is that of a saddle and blanket, thus the common name. Small clumps of spines occur in a row along the lower margin of the green area and at the rear of the caterpillar.

The saddleback is generally a solitary feeder; however, early stage larvae may be somewhat gregarious. The caterpillar occurs on a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and other plants, including corn. Common tree hosts are apple, basswood, cherry, dogwood, elm, maple, oak, and plum. It is most often encountered in late summer and fall. The full grown caterpillar is brown, hairy, and about5/8inch long. Along the body there are nine pairs of fleshy lateral processes which bear hidden urticating setae. The third, fifth, and seventh pairs of processes are long and sometimes twisted. These have been described as resembling locks of a hag apparently the basis for the common name.

The caterpillar is generally a solitary feeder, and will feed on foliage of several trees including apple, ash, birch, dogwood, hickory, oak, and willow. It has been collected from July into fall, but is usually most common in August and September. The body bears pairs of long, horn like, bristly spines and clumps of smaller spines which are characteristic of several of the slug caterpillars. A useful identifying characteristic is the broad purplish band down the midline of the back. Within the band are narrow whitish longitudinal lines, which may be interrupted by constrictions in the band. Reddish, white, and purple lines occur along the sides.

Hosts of the stinging rose caterpillar include apple, cottonwood, dogwood, hickory, oak, redbud, sycamore and rose bushes. Larvae are usually found in August. Specimens have been collected in Lee County from cottonwood and oak at the end of August.

SpinyOak Slug (Euclea delphinii) (Photo 4)

The full grown larva is about3/4inch long. Basic color is yellow green but color, especially of the pattern on the back, may vary. There are three pairs of large horn like spines with black tipped bristles at the front and two pairs at the rear. Clumps of smaller spines occur in rows along the back and sides. There are four dense clumps of small dark spines at the rear end; these are important characteristics for identifying the species.

The caterpillar feeds on foliage of several woody plants including beech, cherry, maple, oak, redbud, sycamore, and willow. It is usually found in late summer and fall. The specimen pictured here was collected from redbud in late September.

This species has no known common name. Information available on its habits is limited and makes no reference to whether or not the species has stinging capabilities. However, being a slug caterpillar well equipped with bristled spines, it seems suspect.

on experience has now confirmed that I. textula is a LLH.

The full grown caterpillar is flattened and about5/8inch long. Color and markings are as pictured. Tree hosts include cherry, maple, and oak. The species is not common in our area. The specimen pictured was collected in Lee County from sawtooth oak in mid September.

Nason (Natada nasoni)1(Photo 6)

The form of Nason slug differs from that of the foregoing slugs in that there are no large, conspicuous, horn like bristled spines present. There are, however, rows or tufts of small spines, some of which are urticating, along the back and sides. The nettling sensation produced is mild and short lived.

The full grown caterpillar is3/4to7/8inch long. Basic color is green; markings are as pictured. Food trees include beech, hickory, hornbeam, oak, and several other trees and shrubs. This caterpillar is not common in our area. The specimen pictured here was collected in Lee County from sawtooth oak in early October.
the north face outlet Auburn University Entomology and Plant Pathology

the north face gore tex jacket Auburn overcomes slow start to win SEC opener against Florida

Auburn overcame a sluggish first quarter and rallied to soundly defeat Florida in its women’s basketball SEC opener Sunday at Auburn Arena, 84 55.

Auburn missed its first 17 shots of the game and trailed the Gators by 16 points in the opening quarter. Outside of a pair of free throws by guard Janiah McKay, Auburn was held scoreless for the first 6:59 of the game, when Abigayle Jackson dropped a 3 pointer from the top of the arc.

Emari Jones followed with a similar shot nearly a full minute later that sparked a run to cut the Florida lead to just seven by the end of the quarter.

“They have the confidence where they know they need to buckle down our defense,” Auburn head coach Terri Williams Flournoy said. “We know that we can get back into the game. We know that when we’re pushing into transition it’s easier to score.”

By the half, Auburn trailed 36 35 and would take its first lead in the third quarter. Florida led once more for a mere 24 seconds in the third before falling behind.

“I thought our young ladies did a great job of not panicking and understanding what I told them, that it’s a game of runs,” said Williams Flournoy. “We knew Florida was going to make its run, so we had to make our run. We didn’t panic when they made their run and we were down by quite a lot in the first quarter.

“They understand that it’s our defense that will get us back into the game.”

Auburn finished just shy of 39 percent shooting, going 32 of 83 with an 8 of 24 mark from beyond the arc.

One of the keys to Auburn’s victory over the Gators came in the form of turnovers. The Tigers forced 28 turnovers and converted those into 33 points. They only gave up five turnovers.

“[The team] made sure I knew that they only had five turnovers because I was preaching to them how we were averaging 17 turnovers right now,” Williams Flournoy said. “We did a very good job of taking care of the ball, and that’s what we want to be able to do.”

McKay led the Tigers with 25 points, but finished 9 of 21. She recorded a single field goal late in the first half, in addition to finishing 7 of 8 from the line.

“We never give up on our press because we know that our press has gotten us back into the game before, so once we were getting shots into the basket, we were unstoppable,” McKay said.

Daisa Alexander had a strong outing for the Tigers, recording 21 points on a 9 of 20 mark. Jones finished 6 of 11 for 18 points.

“Your team is going to have your back, whether they are falling or not falling, they are going to fall,” said Jones about giving her team a spark. “As a shooter, you know you have to continue to shoot even though they aren’t falling.”

The win gives Auburn its seventh straight victory, as well as its fifth SEC opening win in the last six years.

“I feel like we set the tone for our next game,” Jones said. “We take it one game at a time. We know every night is going to be a dog fight and we are ready.”

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the north face snow boots Auburn overcomes slow start to win SEC opener against Florida

the north face uk sale Auburn man admits possessing 600 bags of heroin in Weedsport

Judge Mark Fandrich also lowered Benjamin’s bail to $3,000 cash or a $6,000 bond a deal that will allow him to meet his soon to be born child before he is incarcerated.

But if he gets into further trouble or fails to attend his sentencing, Benjamin who has four felony convictions on his record could face a much longer sentence.

Benjamin also acknowledged possessing 600 glassine bags of heroin in Weedsport on Sept. 20. The defendant acknowledged he intended to sell the large supply of the illicit narcotic, valued at about $12,000.

The defendant pleaded guilty to third degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and fourth degree conspiracy, all felonies.

Benjamin is scheduled to be sentenced on Jan. 13, 2015.

A 25 year old Camillus man is headed to prison for selling heroin and having both heroin and cocaine when a 1 year old child was present.

Shakair Jones, of 40 Arlington Square, was sentenced to three years in prison and two years of post release supervision for third degree criminal sale of a controlled substance and third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, both felonies, and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

Assistant District Attorney Carl Rosenkranz said Jones’ drug dealing was “fueled” by Cayuga County’s heroin problem.

“We have an epidemic here,
the north face vest Auburn man admits possessing 600 bags of heroin in Weedsport
and Mr. Jones was a major player,” he said.

Eric Smith, Jones’ defense attorney, said his client broke the law despite his good upbringing and would benefit from treatment.

Along with sentencing Jones to prison, Judge Fandrich ordered the defendant to pay $85 restitution to the Finger Lakes Drug Task Force.

Gus Glenn III admits driving while intoxicated on the Thruway in May 2013 without a license was not a good choice.

“I made the wrong decision and got behind the wheel anyway,” he said.

And for driving with blood alcohol content of .18 percent more than twice the legal limit in Brutus on the highway with a license suspended after a 2009 aggravated DWI, the 38 year old Rochester man faces prison.

In exchange for a promised sentence of one to three years in prison and five years of post release supervision, Glenn, of 134 Berlin St., pleaded guilty to DWI and first degree aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

For his eighth criminal contempt conviction, Michael Wilson will spend up to the next three years in prison.

The 47 year old Auburn man was sentenced to serve 1 1/2 to three years in prison for violating a restraining order on July 23 by sitting in a car in Sempronius with a woman who has a full stay away order of protection against him.

Wilson, of 133 North St., Apt. 2, was sentenced about two months after his victim unsuccessfully asked the court to modify the restraining order and allow the couple to “be together.”
the north face vest Auburn man admits possessing 600 bags of heroin in Weedsport

the north face outlet online Auburn man accused of striking officer with bucket seeks treatment from VA

AUBURN An Auburn man accused of assaulting an officer after an alleged road rage incident may receive psychiatric treatment.

James Knight, of 9 Perry St., Apt. 1, appeared Tuesday morning in Cayuga County Court to face an an 11 count indictment charging him with striking an Auburn police officer in the face with a five gallon bucket and threatening a couple with a collapsible baton.

After a short conference, Fandrich remanded Knight to the Cayuga County Jail without bail explaining that Knight is seeking to be admitted for psychiatric care at a secure Veterans Affairs’ treatment facility near Saranac Lake. If Knight makes it through the admission process, Fandrich said he would consider releasing Knight for treatment.

Quietly nodding after hearing Fandrich’s decision, Knight was escorted out of the courtroom. on Saturday, Dec. 6.

According to police, Knight followed another vehicle to Generations Bank on North Seward Avenue. Reportedly angry about a traffic related incident, Knight allegedly pulled up next to the vehicle and started to shout at the passengers.

Police said Knight then got out of his car armed with a baton and hit the hood of the couple’s car with the baton and his fists.

When police arrived on scene, Knight was reportedly driving away from the bank.

Knight was pulled over near his Perry Street home, where police said he refused to stay in his vehicle. A struggle ensued outside the vehicle escalating when Knight allegedly hit the officer in the face with a bucket.

More officers eventually responded to Perry Street and after unsuccessfully using pepper spray and stun guns arrested Knight.

During his arraignment, Knight pleaded not guilty to two counts of second degree assault and two counts of third degree criminal possession of a weapon, all felonies. A Weedsport man denied stealing a co worker’s purse last April and using a stolen debit card to withdraw $300.

Ricky Warner, of Tanner Road, pleaded not guilty to fourth degree grand larceny, fourth degree criminal possession of stolen property and tampering with physical evidence, all felonies. The 28 year old defendant also pleaded not guilty to third degree identity theft and two counts of petit larceny, all misdemeanors.

A Locke woman admitted giving pseudoephedrine to the man who died following a May meth lab explosion.

Amy Walters, of 4932 Chevalier Road, pleaded guilty to second degree manufacturing of methamphetamine, a misdemeanor admitting she gave the medication to Shawn Perreault on April 30, knowing that it would be used in the manufacture of meth.

While Perreault did not tell Walters what he planned to do with the Sudafed, Walters was aware of his intentions.

“I never asked, but I knew,” she said, brushing away tears.

In exchange for her plea, Walters, 41, was promised a sentence ranging from a conditional discharge to three years probation.

Perreault suffered serious burns across his body on May 12 when the meth lab he was operating inside his 5651 Sears Road home exploded setting his Locke trailer on fire. Nine days later, Perreault died.
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The Auburn Dixie Majors (18 19) All Stars won the state tournament in Selma during the weekend, going a perfect 5 0 to advance to the World Series in Ozark beginning July 26. Pictured (front row, from left) are: Peyton Williams, Jesse Coleman, Dake Rivers, De’Mikyle Holmes, Ashley Campbell and Calen Bertus. Back row: Coach Joe Dickey, coach Zane Rivers, manager Joey Weaver, Jerrod Dickey, Will Eiland, Cooper Flanagan, Daniel Danley, Zack Pope, Jake Weaver, Caleb Brooks, coach Jay Coleman, and Alabama Dixie Majors assistant state director Charles Alexander.

The Auburn Dixie Majors (18 19) All Stars won the state tournament in Selma during the weekend, going a perfect 5 0 to advance to the World Series in Ozark beginning July 26. Pictured (front row, from left) are: Peyton Williams, Jesse Coleman, Dake Rivers, De’Mikyle Holmes, Ashley Campbell and Calen Bertus. Back row: Coach Joe Dickey, coach Zane Rivers,
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manager Joey Weaver, Jerrod Dickey, Will Eiland, Cooper Flanagan, Daniel Danley, Zack Pope, Jake Weaver, Caleb Brooks, coach Jay Coleman, and Alabama Dixie Majors assistant state director Charles Alexander.

OZARK North Charleston, South Carolina, remained the only unbeaten team in the Dixie Majors (15 19) World Series with an 11 3 win over Alabama state champion Auburn on Tuesday night at Eagle Stadium. If Paris wins, an if necessary game would follow in the double elimination tournament.

Paris defeated Monroe, Louisiana, 4 3, on Tuesday afternoon to advance to the title game.

In the night game, North Charleston led, 6 3, before breaking the game open with three runs in the bottom of the fourth inning against Auburn.

Eddie Hiott had an RBI single, while Cody Smith and Jason Miller each doubled in runs in the three run inning to make it 9 3. Cody Maw drove in a run with a sacrifice fly in the fifth to make it 10 3.

Smith hit a solo home run in the bottom of the sixth to put an exclamation mark on the victory.

North Charleston had 13 hits in the game, while Auburn had 11.

Auburn broke on top early in the top of the first inning as Jesse Coleman scored on an infield hit from Jake Weaver with the bases loaded and two out.

But North Charleston responded with three runs in the bottom of the inning to take the lead for good.

Smith drove in the first North Charleston run with an RBI single with runners at first and third, and a second run came in when the throw to third base went into the dugout on the play. An RBI single up the middle by Miller made it 3 1.

North Charleston scored two more in the second, one coming in on a wild pitch and the other on an error. In the third, Chris Singleton doubled in a run to make it 6 1.

Auburn cut into the lead in the fourth when Caleb Brooks who had three hits in the game scored on a groundout off the bat of Cooper Flanagan. Will Eiland then drove in a run with a single to make it 6 3 before North Charleston took command for good.

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the north face outlet uk Auburn Dixie Majors eliminated from World Series
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