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If you are getting ready to bet on a San Diego Chargers comeback in week six after losing on the road to the New Orleans Saints in week five, then you may want to think about it first. The Chargers were not blown out in the

game, but the San Diego defense was unable to stop Drew Brees and the Saints offense while the Chargers offense had all kinds of problems against the New Orleans defense. The problem that San Diego will run into in week six is that the Denver Broncos play a similar game to the Saints.

are starting to see the zip and accuracy in Manning s throws that they are used to seeing. The problem that Peyton Manning was having was that he and his receivers were not in sync when it came to changes in plays at the line and

running patterns. It looks like Manning and his receivers are working out the kinks and the Denver offense is looking just as exciting as the Colts offense did for over a decade. There is a lot more to this Denver team than just Peyton Manning and the Chargers will find that out on Monday night.

Any of the price per head bookie experts that watched the game between the Chargers and Saints could see the problems that San Diego quarterback Philip Rivers and his receivers were having with the speedy Saints defensive backs. The Denver secondary, anchored by cornerbacks Champ Bailey and Tracy Porter, is a much

more aggressive and experienced secondary that will keep things very tight for San Diego. That means that the Chargers will have to turn to Ryan Mathews and the running game, which has not worked out this season either.

Peyton Manning inherited a Denver team with a young offense, an established defense and a reliable special teams unit. The 5 dimes reviews on the Broncos for 2011 kept saying that all the team needed was a

quarterback to be a Super Bowl contender. Fans forget that a new quarterback usually means a new offensive system. Now that it looks like Peyton Manning and the offense is getting on track, that means that the defense can get much more aggressive at shutting down the opposing offense. It all spells bad things for

The Miami Dolphins are really not a bad football team. The online sports book experts have Miami as underdogs to the Cincinnati Bengals in week five, and that is understandable. But anyone who has been watching the Dolphins can see the rapid development of rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the way that his confidence increases with each week. The only thing that the football betting experts cannot help but notice is how much the Dolphins offense misses a veteran wide receiver that can get open and help make plays. The release of

Chad Johnson may have been a good moral move, but it is an obvious stumbling block to the progress of the Miami team.

The Cincinnati Bengals are battling for the top spot in the AFC North with the Baltimore Ravens despite the fact that the Bengals have given up more points than any other team in the AFC North. Green. The Bengals really are building a quality offense in Cincinnati, but the defense is having a hard time keeping pace and that could hurt the Bengals later in the season.

The bookmaker betting software can sometimes take time to adjust to a team that is improving. The Miami Dolphins put up 21 points on what is turning out to be a very good Arizona defense in week four. Not only that, but Ryan Tannehill struck for 431 passing yards and a touchdown in that game as well. If the Dolphins can get Reggie Bush to start running at the pace he was running at when the season first started, then Miami could have a two pronged attack that many defenses would have problems with. The Miami defense is still a work in progress but that too is improving from week to week.

Before the 2012 NFL season started, the betting world expected the San Francisco 49ers to run away with the NFC West. New St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher was expected to take a couple of years to turn the Rams into a playoff team and the Seahawks dropped off everyones radar when it decided to start a rookie

quarterback. Three weeks later, the 49ers have shown signs of being beatable, the Arizona Cardinals are in first place and the Seattle Seahawks may have something with its new rookie quarterback. As for the St. Louis Rams, things are changing but the change is slow.

One of the players that seems to be benefitting the most from Jeff Fisher s coaching style is Rams quarterback Sam Bradford. The online sports betting experts have noticed that Bradford is more patient,
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and confident in the pocket this season. As a result of Bradford s new found confidence, the Rams are scoring points on a regular basis. The problem is that football is a team game and the defensive side of the Rams

team is still not holding up its end of the bargain. The sooner Fisher can address the defensive issues, the sooner St. Louis can compete for a playoff spot.

The Seahawks have rookie quarterback Russell Wilson in the pocket and veteran running back Marshawn Lynch causing all kinds of havoc out of the backfield. The sport betting experts are not ready to crown the Seahawks yet, but the experts will remind everyone that Seattle has a pretty good defense. There are a lot more weapons on both sides of the ball for the Seattle Seahawks this season than last season. With the confidence that the team is developing in Russell Wilson, this Seattle team could be one to be reckoned with in 2012.

A 5 dimes review of the St. Louis roster shows that there were some pieces there that could be molded into a good

team by the right coach. Bradford has a young corps of receivers and veteran running back Stephen Jackson has been an anchor for the team for years. But the Rams have had problems in the defensive secondary and with the pass rush for many years now, and those problems still need to be addressed. Right now, the Rams can stay in games against teams where St. Louis can survive a shootout in regulation. With the way the Seattle defense has been playing lately, a shootout may not be in the cards for the Rams in this game.

The season does not get any easier for the Kansas City Chiefs as the team heads to New Orleans to take on the Saints in week three. The online sports book experts were not surprised that the Atlanta Falcons blew out the Chiefs in the Kansas City home opener, but the lopsided loss to the Buffalo Bills on the road was a little surprising.

The Chiefs have now been blown out in two consecutive home openers and Kansas City has suffered huge losses at the hands of the Bills for two seasons in a row. Absolutely nothing seemed to be going right for the Chiefs in Buffalo, and that is a dangerous pattern to continue as Kansas City faces a desperate New Orleans

The Saints have started the season 0 2, and just about every online football betting expert is pointing at the season long suspension of Saints’ head coach Sean Payton as the culprit. The team is playing well, but not well enough to win games. In week two against the Panthers, the New Orleans offensive line was battered and

beaten and allowed quarterback Drew Brees to get battered and beaten as well. Without Payton, the Saints do not have the ability to close out teams like it used to have and it is doubtful that things will improve much over the next few weeks.

The bookmaker betting software experts noticed that Kansas City running back Jamaal Charles did not play very much in the Buffalo game. While the Chiefs try to downplay it as just a matter of the flow of the game requiring more passing and less Charles, the general consensus is that Charles is injured again and that

would leave the Chiefs without a running game. The Chiefs’ defense also had problems containing the Buffalo running game, which does not set Kansas City up very well to face this powerful New Orleans running attack.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are injured across the offensive line and have key injuries at the running back position. Pittsburgh also had to play its first game of the season without injured linebacker James Harrison. Despite all of the

problems the Pittsburgh Steelers are having this season, the online football betting world still considers the Steelers to be a far superior team on both sides of the ball to the Buffalo Bills. The New York Jets are going to find that beating a weak Buffalo team at home is nothing compared to trying to play a determined Pittsburgh team on the road.
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