the north face mens jackets Blackburn worried about Trump tariffs’ impact on Tennessee

Senate race with Democrat Phil Bredesen sharply criticizing the move while Republican Marsha Blackburn cautioned “we have to be very careful” about the impact here.

Bredesen, a former governor, called the tariffs “a real problem for workers in Tennessee and their families” in a statement and warned the measures are “like taking a big axe to a problem that needs a scalpel the blow may be aimed at a real problem but creates lots of other damage in the process.”

Meanwhile, Blackburn, a Brentwood congresswoman and staunch Trump supporter, told reporters Friday as she officially filed her paperwork as a candidate that “I think we have to tread very carefully as we look at tariffs we want to deal with the offenders and not drive up consumer prices.”

She singled out China as the main culprit and said she plans to speak with Trump and other administration officials to “make certain that it is a light touch and that we focus on offenders and that we do not drive up consumer costs.”

The issue is a concern in a state that is home to auto manufacturers Volkswagen and Nissan and a number of their supplier companies, as well as other foreign transplant manufacturers. Bredesen played a major role in wooing VW to build its plant in Chattanooga. is being hurt by “unfair trade” and the move will boost the nation’s industries. But the European Union and others are furious and there are warnings by some experts that it could trigger trade wars.

The tariffs will go into effect in 15 days and include exemptions for Canada and Mexico. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R Tenn.,
the north face nuptse Blackburn worried about Trump tariffs' impact on Tennessee
who as a governor in the 1980s brought Nissan to Murfreesboro, on Thursday called the president’s move “disappointing news for Tennessee workers,” noting that just last week, Electrolux put on hold its planned $250 million plant in Springfield near Nashville because of the planned move. Meanwhile, home grown Jack Daniel’s in Lynchburg is worried about retaliation by the European Union, Bredesen said.

“Washington needs a time out,” Bredesen said. “I would urge President Trump to bring together a bipartisan group to discuss this issue. I would also urge the President to make this group light on Washington political insiders and heavy on leaders in communities out across America who actually know how this works in the real world and have some skin in this game.”

Voicing her own concerns, Blackburn said “take a state like ours that has done well with in sourcing jobs and also with our exports. And what you don’t want to do is do anything that hurts the economic growth that we’ve seen.”
the north face nuptse Blackburn worried about Trump tariffs' impact on Tennessee