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Posting in 2 blogs is just long. So will be sticking to Wretch one for now. Updates are here:Finally back home XD took right decision to leave hse after the overflow on sunday would have been even more stressed to revise with the stuff everywhere after the flooding XP Done half of the exams now one more Fri, Monday and then last two next Friday and done la!!!! ^_^ Have to thanQ all me wicked m8s who destressed me in hard times. Luv u all. mwah.

Friday, May 4, 2007

[Old SHE song Wo Ai Ni ]

I not really one for cheesey love stories etc but may be because of the long term influence from watching old films from a young age I always found there seemed to be a different sort of mind set towards relationships in the Gran generation. The relationships seemed to be portraited really differently. With much more depth and totally different scope to how our generation seem to treat relationships with each other whether its lovers, friends or family. It might be a stereotype and possibly very untrue but its always nice to think ppl can have much deeper and caring relationships with each other.

SHE movie MV for their song portrait this. new song Zhong Guo Hua has a really catchy beat! the element of using tongue twister as rap is really different as well.

(SHE twister) L.

Monday, April 23, 2007


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!!! Finally finished the last piece of coursework for the year. ng ng shouldn leave it till the last day next time. (_ . lets hope i remember i said this today.) Got to rush into uni and hand it in then. back to revision. _ oh well. MV, entertainment, etc update will have to wait, got quite a few Spring Anime to recommend actually (watched then to relieve stress, but updating blog later on la.)