the north face resolve conservation officers starts Sunday

Flooding on the Androscoggin River, a black bear in a suburban back yard and how to grab a skunk without getting blasted are some of the subjects that New Hampshire Fish and Game will face in the premier of North Woods Law: New Hampshire, judging from the trailer. on the Animal Planet channel.

The show features conservation officers with New Hampshire Fish and Game in their various duties. Cameramen have been following teams of officers since last June, after the program was approved by the department and the Executive Council.

The Maine program emphasized law enforcement but the New Hampshire program plans to include more wildlife biology and conservation issues.

The state won’t be paid for the program, but Engel Entertainment of New York City, which also produced the Maine show, will make a $2,000 payment per aired episode to the New Hampshire Wildlife Heritage Foundation, the nonprofit partner of Fish and Game.

The contract, as approved by the Executive Council, was cautious about the state’s image, ensuring “two opportunities to review each episode of the program or series for legal and factual accuracy . (and) to ensure that the episode does not contain objectionable material that may, at the department’s sole discretion, jeopardize the safety and security of the department or cause damage or embarrassment to the department.”
the north face sale uk conservation officers starts Sunday