the north face sangro confronts car break

ALPHARETTA, Ga. A woman attempt to stop a car break in suspect in Alpharetta ended with her injured, police told Channel 2 Action News.

Katrina Maloney said she spotted the suspect, Preston Heaver, crouched near her car in a parking lot off Windward Parkway on Jan. 25 after she picked up dinner.

noticed the phone was no longer glowing in its charging holster and the gentleman is walking away from both of our vehicles trying to put multiple things underneath his jacket. Maloney told Petchenik that she chased Heaver down and confronted him.

front of two other witnesses, I demanded (that) he return my phone, as well as any other items he may have taken from my car, and he immediately panicked and hands me my cellphone, as well as my business debit card, she said.

kept saying, didn mean it. I didn mean it. I informed him the police are on their way. Please just wait. Let just settle this now. They either going to get you at home, or get you here. Save them the trouble,
the north face resolve insulated jacket confronts car break
Maloney said.

She said Heaver got into car, and as she took pictures of his license plate, he backed into her two times

was a lot of adrenaline. I still can believe he tried to flee. I still in shock he backed into me. Thankfully, I wasn hurt more than I was, Maloney said.

Police told Petchenik they used the pictures of Heaver license plate to link him to the crime and identify him.

He been charged with aggravated assault and entering auto.

always ask that you don confront these individuals by yourself, Officer Jason Muenzer, with the Alpharetta Police Department, said. never know what their intentions are.

Maloney said she didn think twice about getting her phone and the pictures on it back.

next time he would have hurt somebody more, or hell, if he had been armed, maybe somebody would unnecessarily be shot over a phone they can use or a debit card I could have instantly shut off, she said.
the north face resolve insulated jacket confronts car break