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It happens every year at this time, we have trouble writing on checks (if you still write a check, like I do) or letters (I still do). But can we read a calendar? It appears they had some trouble at Uncle Sam Lanes in Troy. At noon, it was set to host the Capital District Youth Scholarship Tour. While I am not an expert as to who shows up for the final squad of the Christmas Tournament, I have been to a few CDYST events and I know they take a long time and a lot of space. So, something had to give and, unfortunately, the juniors got the boot and that too bad.

Luckily, CDYST directors Mark Taylor and Steve Fawcett recognized this early enough and scrambled to change the venue to Kingpin Alley in South Glens Falls. Taylor was politically correct when he pointed out that it caused by a scheduling conflict at our original host center. I hope those who were planning to take part got word early enough to make up the 45 mile difference.

Taylor official results release said Saturday event, a testament to how great things can happen when people work together, crediting Doug Bohannon and his staff for making accommodations with four days notice, talented bowlers, their families, and all of our supporters for helping to get the word out about the changes to the starting time and venue; and the entire tournament staff, it was a pleasant reminder about how special and tight knit the bowling community is. 11px;

Well said, Mark. But it is too bad you, plus 25 boys and 20 girls, had to move. The next CDYST event in Troy is at Alpha Lanes on January 28. As for this past Saturday, top seeded Billy McGaffin of Amsterdam won his second career CDYST when he defeated No. 2 seed Jeh Cherry of Albany 166 145 on the tough and demanding USBC sport compliant 2008 Junior Gold short pattern. McGaffin rolled the highest game of the tournament, 264, and earned a $250 scholarship while Cherry got $150. The youth bowlers earned $1,300 in scholarships bringing the season total to $10,520.

Additionally, five more bowlers (McGaffin, Dominick Favata of Niskayuna, Mariah Williams of Bloomington, Jack Comar of Fort Edward, and Hunter Chandler of Porter Corners) earned entries into the 2017 USBC Junior Gold Championships in Cleveland. That brought the total to 18 bowlers who have earned entries through CDYST events this season. Strath ($250) got a first round bye with his 986 (four games). Patricelli ($450) credited his Christmas present, a Storm Lock ball saying it well when I needed it most. Patricelli first NEST win was at Uncle Sam Lanes back in October.


The Mixed Doubles team of Victoria Jason Rector of East Greenbush won the 2nd annual Ambrose Electric Mixed Doubles on Sunday, Jan. 8 at Boulevard Bowl. Victoria (962) Jason (1,003) had 1,965 for $400. Second was another pair from East Greenbush, Angel Mike Stein, with 1,926 for $270. Third was Tammy Sader John Leone with 1,891 ($190), then Mandy Fitch Henry Hurst with 1,889 ($130) and Shawna Noah Burke with 1,888 ($90). Individually, Brandon Morine shot 1,045 on the men side and Kortney Irwin shot 974 to lead the women, each earning $65.

At Hometown Lanes, Drake Begin ended his Elks Club league night Jan. 6 with a 300 789. On Jan. 5, Thursday Mixed, Paul Burrello led with 256 300 213=769 and Christopher Thomas had a 299 754.

On Jan. 3 in the Mechanicville Women league, Sheree Propst Jones got one too many pins for a triplicate at 192 193 192=577; Diane Morrell led the night at 596. On Jan. 4, Begin missed it by five in the Lanthier Grove league with 242 247 247.

The week before (Dec. 28) in Lanthier Grove, Matthew O slammed a 300 to start his night (704 triple).

Out at Barbecue Recreation, Dave Rice led Monday United (Jan. 2) with 277 770 but Brian Rice sandwiched in a 300 761 and Ryan Bedford 288 729.

The Tuesday Seniors at Spare Time Clifton Park returned after two weeks off as Jim (590) and Eileen (464) Spickler were among the leaders Jan. 18 Jan. 7), the three person event: Individual 300 games Larry Alix (Dec. 18), Dan Rowe (Dec. 31), Shawn Harris (Jan. 7) with an 806 triple; Team (pending verification) Tom Walsh, Karly Walsh, Darrell Coonrad won with 2,163 followed by John Sickles, Tony Cacckello, Tom Walsh with 2,145 and Tricia Daigneault, Nicole Sano, Robbie Daigneault was third at 2,133.

John Craig writes about bowling Tuesdays in The Record.

January 7: Top seeded Billy McGaffin of Amsterdam won his second career Capital District Youth Scholarship Tour title when he defeated 2 seed Jeh Cherry of Albany 166 145 at Kingpin Alley in South Glens Falls. It was a late venue change because of a scheduling conflict at Uncle Sam Lanes. A total of 45 bowlers (25 boys, 20 girls) competed in the seventh tournament of the season.

STEPLADDER FINALS: 3 seed Dominick Favata (Niskayuna) def. 4 seed Mariah Williams (Bloomington) 235 119; 2 seed Cherry def. Favata 193 154; 1 seed McGaffin def. Cherry 166 145. The title match and demanding lane condition (USBC sport compliant 2008 Junior Gold short pattern) showed its teeth. McGaffin began with three spares and a strike to take a 22 pin lead. Cherry came back to an 11 pin deficit following a strike in the fifth and was within 14 pins after eight frames. However, McGaffin rolled four consecutive spares in 7 10 frames to win.

SCHOLARSHIPS: BOYS DIVISION: McGaffin won $250 as top finisher, Cherry earned $150 as runner up, Favata earned $100 as the third place finisher; Brandon Wolf (Schenectady) earned $75 in 4th place (5th overall); Christian Chiarito (Schenectady) earned $50 in 5th (7th overall); and Willis Bickford (Fort Edward) earned $40 in 6th (8th overall).

GIRLS DIVISION: Williams (4th overall) $225 scholarship as the top finisher; Jenna Lemke (Delmar) earned $125 in 2nd place (6th overall); Melanie Lemke (Delmar) earned $75 in 3rd (15th overall); Samantha Hart (Troy) earned $50 in 4th (18th overall); and Kasey Kosier (East Greenbush) earned $40 in 5th (19th overall). The youth bowlers earned $1,300 in scholarships bringing the season total to $10,520.

TOURNEY RECAP: Competing in a five game qualifying round on the USBC sport compliant 2008 Junior Gold short pattern, McGaffin began with a 264, the highest game of the tournament, to take the lead. He maintained it through Game 2 before Michael Taber of New Baltimore rose into the top spot. McGaffin returned to the lead following Game 4 and extended it to 63 pins heading into the semifinals. Following a victory in his first semifinal match, McGaffin retained the lead and would ultimately earn the top seed for the finals. Cherry won two of his three semifinal matches to become the second seed. Favata won one match and Williams won two to earn the respective third and fourth seeds for the finals.

Five more bowlers (McGaffin, Favata, Williams, Jack Comar of Fort Edward, and Hunter Chandler of Porter Corners) earned their entries into the 2017 Junior Gold Championships in Cleveland bringing the total to 18 bowlers who have earned entries through CDYST events this season. There are five more Junior Gold qualifiers remaining. on Sunday, January 22 at Playdium Bowling Center. The finals will be taped for broadcast as part of the Huck Finn Capital Region Bowling Show. This event is open to CDYST members only. However, non members who have competed at least once during the 2016 2017 season may pay their membership on site and compete. at Alpha Lanes in Troy.

Jim Patricelli of Troy won his second New Era Senior Tour event on Saturday, January 7, when he beat fellow lefty Rich Strath 225 186 in finals at Spare Time Latham. The event was sponsored by Bob Daubney Carol Judge. Patricelli won his first at Uncle Sam Lanes on October 29, 2016.
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