the north face mcmurdo Conrad Anker presents climbing film to benefit wildfire relief

Anker, who worked as a wildlands firefighter in his youth, says the destructive scope of wildfires in Montana and the West this season prompted him to join others in raising funds for multiple agencies that support people and businesses that lost everything in 2017 fires.The screenings are sponsored by The North Face.Deer killed after attacking runnersWILDLIFE A mule deer buck was killed on Saturday after attacking runners and goring two helpers during the Half Ass Half Marathon north of Davenport.The buck came onto the Porcupine Bay area road used for the course and began acting aggressively and chasing some of the runners, says Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Police Officer Curt Wood.”Two men who were manning a water station tried to chase the buck away but it turned and began attacking them,” Wood reported.One man retrieved a pistol from his vehicle and shot at close range between the deer’s legs but the buck “didn’t even flinch,” witnesses told The Spokesman Review. As the two men approached, “It flicked its head and ripped Cody’s left hand and then got me in the inside of the left thigh and bruised the other leg,” said a 66 year old victim who asked not to be identified. “That’s when the deer was shot. We didn’t want to shoot a deer in front of kids, but we had to,” he added, noting that 30 stitches were required to close his leg wound.
the north face apex bionic jacket Conrad Anker presents climbing film to benefit wildfire relief