the north face nuptse jacket Flu surge in Oxfordshire reaches twice national average as extra measures announced to stop spread

Data released by government body Public Health England on Thursday showed Oxfordshire currently has almost double the average number of patients seen by a GP presenting flu like symptoms.

In the first week of January, 71.7 patients per 100,000 were suffering from the illness, compared with just 31.7 per cent nationally.

With those over 65 some of the most vulnerable, Oxfordshire County Council yesterday announced adult social care commissioners would be writing to managers of residential care homes to encourage them to ensure that GPs visit to vaccinate all residents. Bin it. Kill it’ campaign to make sure the message of limiting the virus is spread throughout Oxfordshire.

It comes as A departments have struggled to cope with an increase in use over the Christmas period.

Last week Paul Brennan, director of clinical services at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (OUH) confirmed the John Radcliffe Hospital’s and Horton General Hospital’s emergency departments were operating at the highest possible alert, and admitted a rise in flu cases at A had contributed to the struggle facing staff.

He revealed around 100 cases had been confirmed as hospital admissions since November.

Speaking to the Oxford Mail yesterday Dr Tony Berendt, Medical Director at OUH, said: “National and local figures show that flu transmission is increasing.

“It is difficult to make comparisons with last year at this stage, as the unpredictable nature of flu means that it can peak at different times in different years.

“We continue to encourage all our clinical staff who have not yet been immunised to have the vaccine, although we are pleased to report that just under 70 per cent of staff have been immunised.

“It is also important for the public, particularly at risk groups (children, the elderly and those with pre existing respiratory conditions such as asthma) to get vaccinated to help reduce the spread.”
the north face overhead luggage Flu surge in Oxfordshire reaches twice national average as extra measures announced to stop spread

the north face hedgehog iv Flu season starts with message to get vaccinated

“This year’s vaccine is out in the community. It’s available for people to get at this time. We’re encouraging people to get vaccinated and do your part for your community and your loved ones,” said, Dr. Cara Christ,the state Health Services Department’s Chief Medical Officer.

Each year, a new batch of vaccine is created. It typically contains antigens to fight off two “influenza a” types and one “influenza b” type, she said.

“From all reports we’ve heard, it does look like this vaccine is on track with what we’re seeing in the southern hemisphere. They always give us a preview for what we’re going to see this year,” she said.

But as always, “the flu is predictably unpredictable.”

Such was the case in 2009 when H1N1 appeared, causing a flu epidemic worldwide. A vaccine against that version is in this year’s shot, as it has been since 2010.

Besides the regular shot, there is a “micro injection” available at some doctors’ offices and clinics, using a smaller needle. A nasal spray vaccine Flumist is available for people ages 2 to 49 years old. Recipients cannot be pregnant or have certain medical conditions.

Everyone is encouraged to get the vaccine, Christ said. A stronger version, known as Fluzone High Dose, is available for seniors 65 and older.

“As you get older your immune system tends to wane. It’s just to give their immune system a bigger dosage of it so they get a better response,” she said.

Wednesday’s event to promote influenza vaccines included a “flash mob,” (to the tune “Monster Mash”) to remind the public that “shots aren’t scary.”

A new vaccine is being developed that would provide immunization against four versions of the flu, Christ said. It is approved by the FDA, she said, but not available for general use.

“We’re hoping that in the next year or two the quadrivalent comes out,” she said. Excellent workmanship, unique style.

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the north face online Flu season starts with message to get vaccinated
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the north face online Flu season starts with message to get vaccinated
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the north face 3 in 1 Flu season arrives early on the North Coast

EUREKA Flu season is sweeping across the country and the North Coast is not immune.

Influenza, more commonly referred to as flu, is a virus that transmitted through water droplets expelled when those infected cough or sneeze. The Centers for Disease Control says the virus can live on surfaces for up to 24 hours.

Prevention is the best medicine. Health officials urge everyone six months or older to get vaccinated. Doctors say it can protect you now and in the future.

St. Joseph Hospital Infection Control Officer Henry Beneda said, vaccine covers four strains of the flu and even if that strain doesn come around this year and it comes around next year you may have some protection that carries over year to year. So we have what called cross immunity so getting your vaccine every year it may prepare you for the pandemic that you don know that coming down the road. In a world pandemic there may not be vaccine, so it kind of like storage or a savings account. If you get it every year you may have a little cross immunity.

And the flu is having a big impact on local hospitals and emergency rooms.

Diana Yandell,
the north face walking boots Flu season arrives early on the North Coast
St. Joseph Hospital Emergency Physician Chief of Medicine, said, worked here five years now and I think this may be the season that I seen the most patients test positive for flu and that just the patients we actually testing.

St. Joseph Hospital says the number of cases is so high they running low on test kits.

In fact, the emergency room has seen two to three times the number of cases of a typical flu season, and it ramped up earlier than previous years.

Staff says they anticipated this year would be severe,
the north face walking boots Flu season arrives early on the North Coast
so the hospital brought in additional nurses to cover the increased patient load in both Eureka and Fortuna.

But medical professionals say the emergency room isn’t always the best option. Rest and drinking plenty of fluids will help most people combat the illness.

the north face top Flu on the rise in North Alabama

The ADPH told WAAY 31 people getting vaccinated for the flu should make sure they are getting the vaccination containing four strains this year. The department believes that vaccination is the most effective this year.

A Huntsville doctor WAAY 31 talked with said no matter what your age is it’s one way to protect yourself.

“First of all it’s life and death. Children under 8 and people over 65 that get the flu we are talking about life or death, ” said Dr. Nick Prylinski.

Prylinski told WAAY 31 now is the time to protect yourself because flu are increasing in his office.

“It’s definitely starting to get a lot busier. I’ve seen a lot of flu already,” he said.

The doctor shared with us his biggest advice to avoid getting the flu.

“Keep your hands away from your face. Try not to be touching around your nose and your mouth a lot especially around people that are sick,” he added.

He also says if you are in one of the high risk age groups, then there are extra steps you can take when it comes to the flu shot.

“In children under 8 you can actually get two flu shots. You can get one before flu season starts in October or November when they first get released and actually repeat it again in the middle of flu season,” he said.

Flu season is expected to not be over until at least March. Prylinski stressed it’s not too late to get your flu shot.

The ADPH told WAAY 31 Thursday that they have received no reports of flu deaths in the state this flu season. However, only pediatric flu deaths are required to be reported.
the north face vault backpack Flu on the rise in North Alabama

the north face stores Floyd Mayweather is the last great prizefighter

HE IS STANDING in a jewelry store that caters to the top sliver of the top one percent, wearing nearly $3 million in platinum and diamonds around his neck and wrist, surrounded by at least 20 of his associates, one of them hugging a Nike duffel that contains ziplock bags filled with forearm thick knots of $100 bills and enough jewelry to satisfy the sartorial whims of its owner for an 11 city press tour. There are people outside on the New York City street with their faces smeared against the windows of the store, standing a few feet from a seven deep black Suburban and Escalade motorcade. There is a Gulfstream IV and a Gulfstream V gassed up and waiting for him and his entourage on the tarmac across the Hudson at Teterboro.

He has, in the past 20 minutes, spent close to a quarter of a million dollars on earrings and a necklace for his 13 year old daughter, Iyanna, and he has sent some of his people out to buy so many chicken strips and fries that the place smells like a vat of burning oil, and at this moment he is haggling with the jewelers over a $3.5 million watch as a member of his security detail the one summoned into action by the lyrical command “Jethro sanitizer!” is pouring so much Purell on his hands that it cascades through his fingers and creates a puddle on the white marble floor.

And it is here, at this moment, amid the self inflicted chaos of his life, that Floyd Mayweather Jr. demands the attention of everyone in the room: the people eating out of Styrofoam boxes, the jewelers chiding him for scheduling his next fight on Yom Kippur, the reporter and photographer and camera crew there to document moments just like this one. “Listen listen listen,” he says, the word like a bad case of hiccups. “Listenlistenlisten.” The room falls into an obedient quiet. He lifts his arms to his sides like a preacher giving thanks. “You know how much I’d like to have a normal day? One normal day? No pictures? No autographs? A normal day?”

There is a pause in the room. This is a man who wears his boxer shorts once before throwing them out. This is a man who wears his sneakers once before leaving them in hotel rooms for housekeepers who might have a relative in need of a size 7, who keeps his head shaved yet travels on a private jet with his personal barber, who has two sets of nearly identical ultraluxury cars color coded by mansion to help him remember white in Las Vegas, black in Miami where he is.

One normal day? The moment of silent disbelief ends with a few forced laughs emitted by those employed by the man and wishing to remain that way. The response is muted and brief the room returns to its default mayhem setting almost immediately because what Mayweather has just said, his stated desire to be normal for even one day, is perhaps the most outrageous statement this singularly outrageous man has ever made. 14 fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Somewhere behind the G5, in the G4, are his bodyguards, four massive humans who fly separately because Mayweather has an irrational fear of sharing a cabin with that much human bulk. His masseuse, Doralie, a beautiful woman with irradiated hair and 8 inch Valentino heels, is rubbing his feet and staring off into the distance in a three hours of sleep kind of way. Floyd is holding court, talking about a hundred things at once, never stopping to gauge reaction or ask a question. “This is the way to live, baby,” he says. “Just relaxin’ in a G5.”

The Mayweather experience is an invitation to cede control of your life, to simply hand over everything where you go, when you sleep, even what you eat to Floyd Mayweather. If you’re accustomed to even the slightest measure of self sufficiency, it’s a bit of an adjustment. By the end of the second day of my time on tour with him, I stop asking the one question that’s constantly on my mind: What are we waiting for? The answer, from any number of people, is either a shrug or a sleep deprived “Floyd.” No explanation needed.

Mayweather is the modern embodiment of what Gay Talese, in describing Frank Sinatra, called “the fully emancipated male.” He can do whatever he wants whenever he wants with just about whomever he wants.

He is the last of boxing’s old school, carny barker showmen, the last of the third person narcissists, the last of the great American prizefighters. He attracts and repels in equal measure. He is bigger than his sport, usually the highest paid athlete in the world, and watching him preen his way from New York to Washington to Grand Rapids, Mich., to Chicago and back home to Las Vegas cheered and jeered in equal measure feels like the beginning of the end of an era. He is 44 0 and one fight into his six fight, 30 month, potentially $300 million deal with Showtime. If he wins them all, he will be 38 and 49 0, the same record as Rocky Marciano, the mythical champion of champions. A 49 0 record without a contract would leave him free to negotiate an ungodly amount for a 50th fight. Through smart business, shrewd scheduling and the decline of Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather is boxing’s final megastar.

“Everyone wants the Floyd Mayweather payday; they want the same things Floyd Mayweather got,” he says. “But Floyd Mayweather, he earned it the hard way.”

The bout with Alvarez will be the richest gate in the sport’s history, and yet it highlights an inherent problem for Floyd and his profession. With contenders scarce, boxing’s resident firestorm is in danger of running out of fuel. For a run at 50 0 to be appreciated, his relationship with his opponents, starting with Alvarez, must become more symbiotic than adversarial. In other words, it works in Mayweather’s best interest for Alvarez to prove credible.

But right now, Floyd has more immediate concerns: He is cold. Mayweather’s preference for heat is famous among his crew; the gym in Vegas is always warmer inside than out, regardless of season. He asks the flight attendant to bump up the heat and says, “You can’t cook with cold grease, baby.”

HE IS SITTING at a table in the G5, eating Twizzlers and talking about his father. A thought occurs: Who is he? It’s an honest question, because it’s difficult to delve beneath the flash and money and human insulation. Nearly everything workouts, interviews, even conversations is conducted in a group and for the benefit of the group. He speaks to rooms rather than individuals, making every discussion a form of performance art.

But there are signs that Mayweather, at 36, has acquired a measure of introspection. The fact that it was forced upon him shouldn’t diminish it. After his May 2012 win over Miguel Cotto, he spent two months in solitary confinement in the Clark County Detention Center on a domestic violence conviction. He was kept away from the other prisoners and was allowed outdoors one hour a day, five days a week. The rest of the time he found himself in a highly unusual circumstance: alone with his thoughts.

He filled his days doing pushups and sit ups and writing letters to his family. (He also spent a lot of time reading luxury home magazines and the DuPont Registry, and he says, “I kept seeing my name in Forbes.”) He wrote to his mother and his grandmother, his uncles and his four children. Along the way, 13 crumpled pages of notebook paper landed on the floor of his cell. Each one represented a failed effort to write to his father, Floyd Sr.

They’ve always had a tempestuous, complicated relationship. When Floyd was a toddler, Big Floyd used him as a human shield to avoid being shot in an altercation with a shotgun toting in law. It didn’t work Big Floyd got shot in the calf anyway and on the tour stop in Grand Rapids, Floyd halted the motorcade to point out the house where it happened. Big Floyd, a former welterweight contender who once went 10 rounds with Sugar Ray Leonard, taught his son the family business before being sent to prison for drug trafficking when his namesake was a teenager. Since being released in 1998, Big Floyd has been in and out of his son’s camp as his trainer, and their clashes were often public and nasty.

The thought process behind those 13 crumpled, unfinished letters that father and son needed to reconcile brought Big Floyd into his son’s corner. He is back training Floyd Jr., and their relationship seems to have found a relaxed angle of repose. They greet each other warmly before every workout and speak calmly about strategy throughout. Big Floyd is a master defensive tactician, and Mayweather felt he took unnecessary punishment from Cotto, but the reunion was more than a business decision.

“I’m not saying it was good that he went to jail,” Big Floyd says. “But I’m saying it was good for him. It was something that he needed. He got a chance to look at a lot of things, to think about a lot of things. He got a chance to study things, and he got a chance to be secluded where nobody could think but him.”

There are signs of a calmer, more peaceful Mayweather. Before his most recent fight against an overmatched Robert Guerrero on Cinco de Mayo weekend Guerrero’s father interrupted a news conference with a crazed diatribe, calling Floyd a wife beater and suggesting he learned it from his father. A younger Floyd would have unleashed a vicious response. This time, however, he looked down at his phone, unresponsive, as if Ruben Guerrero weren’t there at all.

Is this the New Floyd? The better son? The man who spent nights in jail writing heartfelt letters to his family?

“You could say I’m at peace,” Mayweather says. “But people get the wrong idea. Just because you’re quiet doesn’t mean you’re humble. late for most people, midday for Mayweather and he has just finished playing more than two hours of basketball beneath the cicada hum of the orange lights of a gym that’s seen better days. Nearly everyone on the Money Team, as Floyd calls his crew, is here, and they are standing on the sidewalk, waiting. Several of the motorcade cars sit idling and empty, drivers at the ready, but nobody moves toward them. Everyone stands around, bovine and obedient, until Floyd announces each person’s vehicle and seat assignment.

This is simply the way it works. Nobody knows what will happen next, but everybody knows Floyd will provide. There is a pecking order, and this is yet another way for Mayweather to send subtle messages to his crew. The sooner your name is called, the higher your standing. He is not big on delegation.

“We don’t know what we’re doing until we do it,” says one of his assistants. “You get used to it.”

There is a psychology behind the entourage. Even when Floyd fights twice a year, which he will do this year for the first time since 2007, there’s a lot of downtime. He begins training roughly two months before every fight, which leaves eight months of free time in a two fight year. Outside of training, he has no set schedule. Many of their roles are undefined. Some live in the many homes he owns in Vegas. Some are employed by Mayweather Promotions. All appear to be compensated in varying degrees, though what’s not always clear is how. In Floyd’s loose corporate structure, there’s one guarantee: He’s never sitting around waiting for someone to get off work.

HE IS STANDING in a Foot Locker in the Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids, shortly after his plane has landed. The amount of commerce taking place around him is astounding. Mayweather has decided he wants to play basketball at his old high school but doesn’t want to check into the hotel and change first. The obvious solution: Take the crew, including a number of friends and family members from his hometown, into the Foot Locker to purchase the gear necessary to head straight to the gym. Shoes, shirts, shorts, socks they’re being grabbed and tried on and brought to the register without conscience.

By this point, he has already cut a swath through the Apple store (for two bags of accessories), Macy’s (for a tall stack of $18 one and done boxers) and North Face (for several large duffels). But those were just warmup acts. In Foot Locker, the tower of shoe boxes at the counter makes it look as if a delivery truck just unloaded a month’s supply.

It had just been suggested that Floyd’s visits to Grand Rapids could be pinpointed through an uptick in county sales tax revenue when he calls me over. He looks around to make sure nobody is watching before holding out a slip of paper cupped in his right hand. It is a bank slip, and Floyd is watching me watch it as my eyes attempt to focus on the balance. I look at the numbers spread out across the thermal paper. I had heard that Floyd does his banking the old fashioned way: going inside, talking to a real life teller. He is also known to be a big proponent of maximum liquidity. Still, the amount of digits spread across the bottom right corner doesn’t seem possible.

I look up to see Floyd smiling. He begins to laugh. I say something unintelligible about too many numbers. I’m not sure what prompted this. Perhaps he mistook my look of fatigue for disapproval? Given his spending habits, is he concerned with pre empting the inevitable talk that he will end up broke? Or is it simply one more example of the man’s hubris? I look down one more time to make sure I got it right. And yes, it’s right there, 11 numbers long.
the north face jumper Floyd Mayweather is the last great prizefighter

the north face arctic parka Florida takes down Georgia at 2018 War of the Border

THOMASVILLE In the 2018 edition of the Georgia Florida War of the Border Game, Team Georgia had plenty of opportunities to get into the end zone. However, it could not take advantage of them and Florida ultimately got revenge for two straight seasons of last minute losses, taking a 31 6 win at Thomas County Stadium on Friday night.

Georgia’s only points came from the leg of Thomasville kicker Carl Blackmore, who connected on two of three field goals on the night.

Thomasville’s Johnny McCant made a tackle to force fourth down with Florida in Georgia’s red zone, and an incomplete pass turned the ball over on downs.

Georgia was still not able to move the ball, and with 6:33 left in the first quarter, Madison County running back Derrick Staten scored Florida’s first points of the night with a 34 yard touchdown run down the sideline. It was the first of three total touchdowns for Staten, who was named the Offensive Player of the Game for Florida.

On Georgia’s next chance, Gadsden County’s Jamell Hall picked off Valdosta quarterback Hunter Holt, with Thomasville’s Jadiah Diggs making the tackle on the play. After Florida fumbled and recovered a snap on third down, Godby’s Beto Aguirre tacked on 21 yard field goal to give his team a 10 0 lead.

Cairo’s Jy’Kevian Cooper gave Georgia a nice return on the ensuing kickoff, setting his team up on Florida’s 40, but the offense was backed up and had to punt once again.

A big hit from McCant forced Florida’s first punt of the game as the second quarter began. After a personal foul penalty, Georgia was back in enemy territory, and Blackmore made his first kick of the night, a 36 yarder to cut Florida’s lead to 10 3 with 8:48 left until halftime.

Three minutes later, Florida reached the end zone for the second time, with a 29 yard pass from McKay to Staten. Holt threw his second interception of the game on Georgia’s next series, but Lee County’s Tiyanice Dewberry picked off a McKay pass one play later.

Florida drove to Georgia’s 3 yard line with 4.7 seconds left until the half, but Cairo defensive back Jamel Chin broke up a fade into the end zone, which left Florida with a 17 3 advantage going into the break.

Thomasville quarterback JT Rice replaced Holt in the second half of play, and on his first completed pass, he connected with Bulldog teammate Jorium Jones for a 32 yard catch and run. Jones played tight end on Friday night, his original position before he became an offensive lineman for the Bulldogs.

“It was a great, old connection, me and JT,” Jones said. “Ninth and 10th grade, 11th grade.”

The play eventually led to Blackmore’s second and longest made field goal of the game, a 42 yarder to cut Georgia’s deficit to 17 6.

Rice threw one interception during his time in the game, with Florida High School’s Kevin Sawyer making the play with 7:28 left in the third. Later in the quarter, Backmore missed his final field goal attempt from 22 yards out.

Early in the fourth, Staten scored his last rushing touchdown, sidestepping and dodging through Georgia defenders for 17 yards to give Florida a 24 6 lead. A defensive touchdown late in the game all but sealed the victory for the Sunshine State.

Godby defensive back Treon Patrick was named Florida’s defensive player of the game. Southwest Georgia Academy running back Cameron Granger was named Georgia’s offensive player of the game, while Monroe defensive lineman Lavorick Welch was honored as Georgia’s defensive player of the night.

All the players involved hope that their performance leads to a scholarship offer somewhere down the line, and were just glad to be a part of the experience.

“It was wonderful,” Cairo defensive lineman Micah Donaldson said. “It was a great experience. I got to meet all different players from all around the region. We combined all our cultures and we had fun.”
the north face borealis Florida takes down Georgia at 2018 War of the Border

the north face wallet Florida State getting back to routine after Irma

Fisher was LSU’s offensive coordinator in 2005 when three games were rescheduled due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. No. 11 Florida State is in the middle of a three week idle stretch due to Hurricane Irma. The Seminoles’ Sept. 9 game against Louisiana Monroe was canceled and the contest against No. 17 Miami was moved from Saturday to Oct 7.

With players and their families safe and accounted for, Fisher has tried to make this week’s routine as normal as possible despite classes not being held. The Seminoles practiced for the first time since the storm on Tuesday and will go until Friday.

The biggest difference between what Fisher dealt with at LSU and in Tallahassee is that the Tigers didn’t have two consecutive games moved and that the longest time between games was two weeks. By the time the Seminoles face the Wolfpack, it will have been 20 days between that game and the 24 7 loss to top ranked Alabama on Sept. 2 in Atlanta.

Not many people get to go through two of them like that,” said Fisher of having to adjust things. As far as the impact of distractions and things like that, it is very similar to LSU.”

Safety Derwin James said it almost feels like preseason camp because classes are not in session and the Seminoles have played just one game.

We’re getting to focus on things that normally we wouldn’t have the time to do during the season,” the sophomore added. State.”

Florida State had four days off before resuming practices. Tight end Ryan Izzo said the team was a little bit out of shape on Tuesday due to the layoff but feels like they are back to a normal rhythm.

The Seminoles have been using the extra practice time to refine special teams and get freshman quarterback James Blackman more comfortable with the offense. FSU had three major special teams gaffes in the loss to Alabama_ a blocked punt, field goal and fumble on a kick return _ that led to 14 Crimson Tide points.

Blackman played one series at quarterback against Alabama after Deondre Francois suffered a season ending knee injury during the fourth quarter. Blackman is the ninth Florida State quarterback to start as a freshman but the first true freshman since Chip Ferguson in 1985.

Izzo said the thing that has stood about Blackman is his ability to lead in the huddle but that on the field both have similar styles.

They throw the ball pretty similar in my opinion. They know when to put touch on it, when not to put touch on it. From working with them over the summer,” Izzo said. For us we’re not trying to do anything different. Don’t try to do more, don’t try to do less. Just get your job done and do as good as you can.”

The schedule shifts also mean that Florida State will play 10 consecutive weeks, which is rare since the Football Bowl Subdivision went to a 12 game schedule in the regular season. James though doesn’t think that the long haul will cause problems.

I feel like that’s what we need. We’re getting our bye week out of the way and now we can catch a rhythm,” he said. We’re ready to play and keep watching games on Saturday but it isn’t our time yet.”

In what has been a challenging three weeks due to the Hurricane and one of their team leaders being injured, Fisher is hoping that all the adversity will make his team stronger like it did at LSU. In 2005 the Tigers won the Southeastern Conference’s West Division before losing to Georgia in the conference title game. They defeated Miami in the Peach Bowl to cap an 11 2 season.

Those experiences bind you and pull you together,” Fisher said. They understand that we have to face a lot of adversity, and sometimes that’s also really good.”
the north face backpack Florida State getting back to routine after Irma

the north face ice jacket Florida International at UNT

Last game: UNT 59, Florida Atlantic 53; Rice 73, FIU 64

UNT projected starting lineup:

PG: Ryan Woolridge (6 3, Soph.) Woolridge scored 12 points and grabbed seven rebounds in UNT’s win over Florida Atlantic. The sophomore played a key role offensively on a night some of UNT’s other top threats struggled. He is averaging 12.6 points and 5.0 rebounds per game.

G: Roosevelt Smart (6 3, Soph.) Smart was in foul trouble all night in UNT’s win over FAU and scored just four points, all on free throws, in 21 minutes. Smart missed all three of his shots from the field, but enters Saturday’s game averaging 18.7 points and 4.0 rebounds per game. Lawson (6 5, Soph.) Lawson played one of his best games of the season in UNT’s win over FAU. He scored 18 points and grabbed six rebounds. His 3 late in the second half was a key turning point in a game the Mean Green held on to win late. The sophomore is averaging 10.0 points and 5.7 rebounds per game.

F: Shane Temara (6 9, Sr.) Temara has suffered through an offensive slump over the last few weeks and hit what UNT hopes is rock bottom in its win over FAU. The senior missed all seven of his shots from the field and failed to score in 18 minutes. Temara is averaging 9.3 points and 5.8 rebounds per game.

F: Zachary Simmons (6 9, Fr.) Simmons came up with a key dunk late in UNT’s win over FAU to cap an efficient outing. He finished with 10 points after going 3 for 5 from the field and 4 for 6 from the line. The freshman is averaging 5.8 points and 3.8 rebounds per game.

Scouting Florida International: The Panthers have struggled much of the season and may have hit rock bottom when they lost to cellar dwelling Rice on Thursday. The Owls had won just one game in league play before cruising by FIU. The Owls lean heavily on guards Brian Beard Jr. and Trejon Jacob. Beard is averaging 15.7 points per game, while Jacob is adding 15.5.

What you need to know: UNT’s game against FIU is the second in a three game homestand and one the Mean Green need to win.

UNT is in one of the more manageable portions of its schedule. The Mean Green beat one team with a losing record in C USA play in FAU and has games against two more teams in the same position in FIU and Rice in its next two outings.

UNT has lost four of five before breaking through on Thursday and can win back to back conference games for the first time since a surprising sweep of its opening series in league play. The Mean Green beat UTEP and Texas San Antonio back to back on the road in late December.

UNT can get to 13 10 by winning its next two games, which would be huge heading into a stretch against four of C USA’s elite programs UAB, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky and Marshall.

The most impressive aspect of UNT’s win over FAU was the fact the Mean Green pulled it off on a night Roosevelt Smart was in foul trouble and didn’t hit a shot from the field and finished with four points.

One would expect him to bounce back in a big way against FIU.

FEATURED PHOTO: North Texas guard Ryan Woolridge (0) drives to the basket and scores as Florida Atlantic forward William Pfister defends on Thursday at the Super Pit. (Jeff Woo/DRC)
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The National Rifle Association, and now the State of Florida, faced a growing backlash Saturday as companies cut ties to the gun industry following the latest school massacre, and student survivors called for tourism boycotts of their home state until gun control measures are enacted.

Corporate ties to the NRA aren the only elements undergoing scrutiny after a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, that left 17 dead on Valentine Day. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said he investigating claims that some Coral Springs police officers saw several of his deputies outside the building after the shooting began.

On Thursday, Scot Peterson, the school resource officer, resigned under fire from the sheriff office for failing to enter the building where police say former 19 year old student Nikolas Cruz was gunning down students with an AR 15 assault style rifle.

On Saturday, both Delta and United said Saturday they will no longer offer discounted fares to NRA members to attend their annual meetings, and both have asked the gun rights group to remove any references to their companies from the NRA website.

A growing number of large companies have announced they are cutting or reducing ties with the association. Rental car company Hertz will no longer offer a discount program to NRA members and First National Bank of Omaha, one of the nation largest privately held banks, said it will not renew a co branded Visa credit card it has with the NRA. Most of these companies do promotional tie ins with groups to spur customer loyalty to NRA members, and do not receive money directly from the NRA.

The moves have come as petitions circulated online targeting companies offering discounts to NRA members on its website. BoycottNRA was trending on Twitter.

In an email Saturday, the NRA called the companies actions shameful display of political and civic cowardice and said the loss of corporate discounts and other perks neither scare nor distract NRA members.

time, these brands will be replaced by others who recognize that patriotism and determined commitment to constitutional freedoms are characteristics of a marketplace they very much want to serve, the NRA statement said.

The State of Florida also was facing some backlash. One of the survivors of the Florida school shooting suggested Saturday on Twitter that tourists stay away from the state. He got an immediate response.

make a deal, tweeted David Hogg, a Stoneman Douglas student who has been a major player in the neveragain movement. NOT come to Florida for spring break unless gun legislation is passed. Glaab, 60, of Fonthill, Ontario, Canada, was among the first to respond. like many Canadians travel to Florida from time to time to escape our winter. I can speak for others but I will not be returning until meaningful gun control legislation is in place. told The Associated Press on Saturday that her sister owns property in Fort Lauderdale and she is able to visit any time she chooses.

Members of the NRA have access to special offers from partner companies on its website, ranging from life insurance to wine clubs. But the insurance company MetLife Inc. discontinued its discount program with the NRA on Friday. Symantec Corp., the software company that makes Norton Antivirus technology, did the same. Insurer Chubb Ltd. said it is ending participation in the NRA gun owner insurance program, but it provided notice three months ago. The program that provided coverage for people involved in gun related incidents or accidents had been under scrutiny by regulators over marketing issues.

Car rental company Enterprise Holdings, which also owns Alamo and National, said it was cutting off discounts for NRA member, as did Hertz.

Other companies, including Wyndham Hotels and Best Western hotels, have let social media users know they are no longer affiliated with the NRA, though they did not make clear when the partnerships ended.

The swiftness of the corporate reaction against the NRA has differed from that of past shootings, including the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre that claimed 26 lives, and the killing of 58 people in Las Vegas last fall, said Bob Spitzer, a political scientist at SUNY Cortland and a scholar on gun politics. Spitzer said the reaction was likely a reaction to the student mobilization that followed the Florida shooting, but he said it was too soon tell how significantly it will sway the country wider gun debate.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said this week at the Conservative Political Action Conference that those advocating for stricter gun control are exploiting the Florida shooting.

President Donald Trump has aligned himself with the NRA, suggesting some teachers could be armed so that they could fire on any attacker. However, Trump has also called for raising the minimum age for purchasing semi automatic rifles, a move the NRA opposes.
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MIAMI (CBS News) 14 year old boy from Cuba is in Miami for surgery that his family and doctors hope will save his life from a fast growing tumor,CBS Miamireports. When Emanuel Zayas was born, he was diagnosed with a rare disorder called polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, a condition that replaces multiple areas of bones with fibrous tissue and may cause fractures and deformity of the legs, arms, and skull.

In Emanuel case, the condition began affecting his left arm and leg when he was 2 years old.

By the time he was 9, his condition worsened but doctors controlled it with medication. When he was 11, doctors diagnosed what Emanuel thought was a pimple on his nose as an ossifying fibroma. Over the last three years, the benign tumor grew and now weighs approximately 10 pounds and is the size of a basketball.

The tumor has taken over Emanuel face and has severely affected the bone structure of his upper jaw and nose. He can only breathe through his mouth and is extremely malnourished due to the tumor.

Two months ago, Dr. Robert Marx,
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chief of oral and maxillofacial surgery at University of Miami Health System, learned about Emanuel and immediately offered his help.

Marx has extensive experience treating similar facial tumors and is one of the few doctors in the country who specializes in operating extreme size tumors.

life threatening by its very weight, Dr. Marx explained at a news conference on Friday morning. nothing is done it will cause a fracture of his neck or it will suffocate him from breathing just by its physical size. is truly a miracle of God that his pictures ended in the hands of Dr. Marx, said Melvis Vizcaino, Emanuel mother. am so grateful he was willing to take the case. He and everyone at Jackson has shown us so much compassion. added, thank the Lord. I so glad the doors were open to come here. We been helped by so many who don know us. father agreed. thank God for the opportunity to come here. I grateful for these wonderful doctors, he said.

As for Emanuel, he said he feels good about the future and he happy.

Zayas is scheduled to undergo his first surgery in January at Holtz Children Hospital at the University of Miami and Jackson Memorial Medical Center.

Dr. Marx and other members of the oral and maxillofacial reconstructive team will remove the tumor during a surgery that is expected to last 10 to 14 hours. A few months later, Emanuel will likely undergo a second surgery, in which doctors will use bone from his hip to reconstruct part of his cheekbone, upper jaw,
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and nose.